The Anti-Aging Revolution: A Personalized Journey with Healthi with Hannah

How Healthi with Hannah is Empowering Clients to Discover the Root Causes of Illness and Take Control of Their Health

Healthi with Hannah is a unique concierge health and wellness clinic that provides personalized and cutting-edge testing for disease prevention and longevity. Led by board-licensed Functional Medicine practitioner Hannah Newman, the clinic offers customized health packages tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. With a focus on hormonal imbalance, weight issues, nutrient and metabolism dysfunction, cancer prevention, and proactive care, the clinic has grown a large following among those looking for a comprehensive and holistic approach to their health and wellness.

One of the key differentiators of Healthi with Hannah is the emphasis on personalization in every step of the process. Unlike large practices with hundreds of different providers, Hannah works one-on-one with each client, providing an understanding and personalization that is often missing in traditional healthcare. Too often people are passed around, and just put on prescriptions rather than taking the time to discover the root cause and work on a natural solution. This is the essence of preventive health versus reactionary care.

In addition to providing personalized care, Healthi with Hannah also offers innovative testing options that focus on longevity and anti-aging. Utilizing the latest in epigenetics research, which examines the impact of lifestyle on gene expression, the clinic offers a range of tests that evaluate DNA age, telomere length, and aging rate. These evaluations provide clients with a wealth of knowledge that can be life-changing and empowering.

Hannah’s commitment to preventive and holistic care has led to a large following on social media and TikTok, and the clinic currently has a waiting list of clients eager to start their personalized wellness journey. “The desire to be healthy and live a fulfilling life is out there, people just want to find that trusted partner on their wellness journey. Explaining the benefits of practicing medicine holistically and avoiding prescriptions can take time, but those are conversations that are rewarding to have.”Hannah’s goal is to empower her clients to take control of their health, and to understand that they are not a victim of their genetics but rather have the power to shape their health outcomes through lifestyle choices.

About Hannah Newman

Hannah is a board licensed Functional Medicine practitioner who specializes in hormones, gut health, and advanced biomarker protocols. She is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Institute of Functional Medicine. She is the founder of Healthi with Hannah, a boutique health and wellness company where she works privately with clients through customized health plans that incorporate advanced testing and lifestyle medicine. She is also a member of YPO, an exclusive global leadership community of chief executives, and is active on the health and wellness board.

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