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Quantum has been providing mental health services and HIV prevention to underserved high-risk communities of color for the past five years with a SAMHSA project that has invested over two and a half million dollars.

These programs are designed to make positive, lasting changes in vulnerable lives through prevention, education, treatment, and wellness initiatives that include trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) counseling, crisis counseling, PTSD therapy, and sero-discordinate couples counseling.

The organization hopes to achieve significant improvements in the reported symptoms of their clients – including depression, anxiety and substance abuse – as well as reduce hospitalizations and days spent in the hospital among those with a history of admittances.

To this end, brief interventions are used to investigate potential problems and motivate individuals towards natural self-directed means or additional treatment for substance abuse. Moreover, brief treatments utilize assessment methods, client engagement strategies and rapid change approaches for long-term success.

To strengthen these efforts even further Quantum is dedicated to providing exceptional services in terms of quality assurance measures.

These range from clinical evaluations of the effectiveness of mental health services provided by qualified professional counselors; collection and analysis of data regarding service delivery outcomes; designing standards for quality service delivery; program evaluation; development of treatment protocols; provision of technical assistance to other agencies who provide similar services; as well as consultation on best practices in service delivery.

For those dealing with trauma related issues Quantum utilizes evidence-based practices like Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) which helps focus on understanding how traumatic events have impacted an individual’s life through interactive techniques provided by experienced clinicians which are tailored specifically towards each individual’s needs.

This approach allows people to learn effective coping mechanisms that will enable them to manage their stress more effectively so they can develop healthy relationships with themselves and others around them in order to move on from past traumas without being hindered by it any longer.

Through this ongoing dedication Quantum looks forward confidently into the future knowing its work will continue making a positive impact in countless people’s lives for many years to come!

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