BizControl Solutions announces new book, The Control Catastrophe, on preventing organizational scandals and operational losses due to poor business controls

St. Louis, MO – BizControl Solutions, a leading business consulting firm, has announced the release of its new book, The Control Catastrophe: Why your organization is wasting money and how to fix it.

Written by veteran business consultants Bob Stuckey and Ken Cooper, The Control Catastrophe gives leaders proven tools for assessing the control status of their organizations and finding ways to reduce the epidemic of waste and loss from scandals and weak operational controls and governance. These problems are costing organizations millions (and even billions) of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

Research conducted by BizControl Solutions has found that traditional controls are not working. Organizations lack the knowledge and skills to properly control and govern themselves, and there is a giant gap in education and training concerning business control. It is a missing core competency for leaders, managers, and key front-line personnel.

Bob Stuckey, co-author and founding partner of BizControl Solutions said, “Improving business controls is the fastest way to put money back on the bottom line. We are excited to announce the release of The Control Catastrophe as a powerful tool for creating and implementing effective controls that will generate savings for organizations in today’s world.”

Throughout each chapter, the authors provide a proven roadmap for minimizing risk and lowering costs. The book introduces new strategies and techniques for assessing, governing, managing, and operating modern organizations—inspired by real-world examples taken directly from today’s business press headlines.

The Control Catastrophe discusses:

  • Hundreds of examples of scandal and loss due to lack of controls, and their root causes.
  • Why a focus on ethics is a misguided solution and ultimately fails.
  • Why traditional controls fail.
  • “Pandora’s Paradox” … Out-of-control incubators.
  • A complete body of knowledge on creating and implementing effective controls.
  • 25 organizational best practices for effective control.
  • Combatting the organizational disease of “Controlitis.”
  • 14 symptoms of a dysfunctional organization.

This makes The Control Catastrophe one of the most important and timely books for organizational leaders, managers and professionals, audit firms, regulators, investors, analysts, and business educators to read in 2023.

About the Authors:

BizControl Solutions is a St. Louis-based consulting firm founded in 2002 by Bob Stuckey and Ken Cooper to help organizations reduce unnecessary costs through the implementation of a new enterprise-wide controls methodology. 

The book was written by two veterans of the business world. Stuckey is a former international business controls expert with a long history working for major multinational companies. Cooper is a business consultant and author who has worked with clients including Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, Pepsi-Cola, and IBM.

Information: To learn more, please visit You can purchase your copy of The Control Catastrophe from Amazon in paperback.

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