HavVest: Only Online Bank That Offers Up to 18% ROI on Real Estate Investment and 15% Interest on Savings

Real estate is a goldmine in the world, contrary to the opinion of some people. The advantages of investing in real estate outweigh its disadvantages. If you doubt me, Google it yourself and see the humbling statistics.

Here in Nigeria, it is not a dying industry, but rather an industry with very few experts and many others who don’t understand the industry. Having learned the rigorous ropes in real estate investment, HavVest now helps its customers make the best decision in their investment options.

As an online bank that offers its customers industry-leading banking solutions, HavVest has taken giant strides to ensure that customers enjoy the benefits of operating a savings account, as well as provide options for investing in real estate projects, with fantastic returns on investment.

HavVest prides itself on the smartest way to save and invest online. Also, HavVest says they help people become wealthy. True to their mission, their niche, real estate, has helped people earn passively and grow wealth.

Fintech, having analyzed the interest rates of most traditional banks in Nigeria, concluded that these banks amass wealth for themselves after loaning the monies of their customers to business owners.

It is worth noting that the interest rate they charge for these loans is way higher, making one wonder why they give very little to no interest to their customers with whom their monies were used. Some may say they operate mostly in physical structures, and the price to maintain these structures is high. Others point to staff payment, training, etc., which still does not justify the total neglect of their customers who keep them in business.

As more people awaken to this stark reality, they seek better savings options that truly deliver what it means to operate a savings account. This is where HavVest shines through like a diamond in the rough.

HavVest is an online bank that uses cutting-edge technology to provide financial solutions for its customers. Their stand in financial equality and inclusion of customers regarding the interest of monies in their accounts over a period makes them true to their word.

For this reason, they give their customers a 15% annual interest rate on their savings. The yearly interest rate is further broken down as 3% for 3 months and 7% for savings of 6 months, and 15% for 12 months.

HavVest understands that people save for many reasons, and whatever their reasons are, it is safe on the platform. To keep the financial details of their customers safe, they operate with the highest level of digital security, securely encrypted in their system.

As backed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, HavVest is recognized as a reliable online bank. In its bid to help its customers maximize their earnings, especially as inflation is on the rise, HavVest allows its customers to invest in real estate options made available to them on the platform.

Their real estate property investment offers customers a higher interest rate than their savings. Since real estate is a serious business, their return on investment is 18% per annum, with a minimum of one hundred thousand naira (₦100,000). Smart investors usually opt to buy shares in HavVest’s luxury apartment listings for a minimum of five hundred thousand naira (₦500,000).

It is also an opportunity for these smart customers to get a 10% discount for five days every month when booking their luxury apartments, as a stakeholder. HavVest’s luxury apartments are from its sister company, Havana Developments – the company that develops and manages its real estate assets.

Havana Developments is a real estate development company moving to build world-class cities in Nigeria, starting from the Southeast. Just like HavVest, their mission is to curb the emigration of Nigerians abroad and the immigration of foreigners down here in Nigeria.

Modeling international scenery, and building structures and infrastructures, Havana Developments is reimagining the real estate business in Nigeria from the ground up. The company is laying the foundation for building world-class international structures for real estate developers in Nigeria.

HavVest believes the combination of savings and real estate investment options provides passive income, protects them from inflation, and also solves housing problems in Nigeria – and creates wealth for their investors in the process.

Customers also benefit by building their saving muscles and achieving their saving goals.

Start saving for anything you want, when you download the HavVest app today.

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