Vimfay Emerges As A Premium Medical Tourism Agency in Ankara, Turkey

With facilities across Europe, the company is dedicated to providing the finest health services in Turkey.

Vimfay, an organization accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, is giving a new meaning to medical tourism in Turkey. Turkey’s fast-rising medical tourism agency has carved a unique distinction for itself thanks to its wide range of medical services that enables its customers to monitor the entire procedure.

As one of the top medical tourism agencies in Turkey, Vimfay provides a wide range of services, including Accommodation, Service for Airport Transfers, Flight Tickets, Tours of the City, International Patient Transfer, Translation Services, and Planning of the Full Comprehensive Health Treatment Process. Foreign patients are provided with a ride to and from the airport and lodging in a hotel until their test results are in. They can determine whether they need to stay in the hospital, provide assistance for their family members who traveled with them while they are in the hospital, have a translator available around-the-clock, and assistance obtaining all the paperwork they require in both their native tongue and Turkish.

In the words of one of the company’s key spokespersons, “We offer the highest caliber medical care in the hospitals where we have agreements to deliver services. Vimfay was established in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, to be the top option for foreign patients seeking high-quality, affordable healthcare. Our affiliated hospitals provide you with all the medical care you require. We offer all the services that would be required when traveling, including hotels, lodging, airport pickups, domestic transport, and translators.”

He continues, “We are committed to making your stay in Turkey as smooth as possible. We will provide your flight ticket on the appropriate date and time, schedule personalized tours based on your preferences post-treatment, and meticulously arrange each patient’s treatment with an option for online meetings. In two years, we’ll likely be the largest health tourism company in Ankara, and in ten, we’ll likely be the most prominent health tourism company in Turkey. We have all the documents required by the state for health tourism. In fact, we are one of the top medical tourism agencies in Turkey, and we invite you to explore our services.”

As evident, Medical Tourism in Turkey has been on the rise in recent years. However, healthcare has a variety of problems, such as people not being able to afford it or receiving the care they require. Some of these issues are brought on by people breaking the law, such as when a doctor commits malpractice or when someone buys an organ illegally. Other issues arise as a result of circumstances beyond our control, such as when a natural disaster damages a hospital. One of the most crucial issues that must be addressed is what transpires when someone is wounded while undergoing treatment.

Numerous hospitals in Turkey have received significant accreditation from agencies like the Joint Commission International, which is recognized around the world (JCI). As of right now, JCI has approved and given credit to over 45 Turkish institutions. This acknowledgment is a testament to their adherence to generally recognized standards, certifying the caliber of their services.

Turkey is a world leader when it comes to hospitals that provide high-quality medical care, placing second only to one other nation. Additionally, it is extremely cost-effective; patients can get the same high-quality care for 30–40% less than they would in Israel, Europe, or the USA. Turkey has established itself as a top choice for overseas patients looking for healthcare due to its commitment to offering top-notch medical care at a reasonable cost.

The government launched a health transformation initiative, which includes financial incentives to encourage healthcare facilities in this area, to promote health and medical tourism. Additionally, the authorities offer financial support for any accreditations, paperwork, or documents that hospitals need in order to fulfill international standards or enter foreign markets.

Vimfay has contracts with leading specialist doctors who provide all kinds of health services often required at hospitals. These cover: dental and oral health, eye diseases, general surgery, orthopedics, diet and nutrition, ear, nose, and throat diseases, cardiology, organ transplant, neurosurgery, internal medicine, gynecology, radiology, nephrology, dermatology, endocrine, oncology, check-up, physical therapy, neurology, psychology, endocrinology in children, gastroenterology, obesity and chest diseases.

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