UEZ Markets Concludes 2023 “Beyond Investing” Annual General Meeting

January 13, 2023 – UEZ Markets’ 2023 “Beyond Investing” annual general meeting was successfully held in Malaysia. Approximately 500 leaders and guests from different parts of the world arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to participate in the event and witness the rise of NEURON – the new artificial intelligence trend in the financial markets.

UEZ Market’s top management, founder and CEO – Mr. Conor Burns, Asia Pacific Vice President – Mr. Mason Kong, Chief Technology Officer – Mr. Marcus Jenssen, and Chief Product Officer – Mr. Percy Abbott all attended the meeting. The theme of the annual general meeting was “Beyond Investing”. Mr. Conor Burns (CEO) and Mr. Mason Kong (APAC Vice President) introduced the company’s development history, and the application of artificial intelligence technology in financial markets, and also introduced the company’s AI trading system – NEURON, where they aim to popularize AI technology in financial trading, further gathering the financial resources for high-quality investors from all over the world, reinforcing investors’ confidence in the financial market, and allowing anyone to benefit from the financial market. 

Conor pointed out in his speech, that he hoped that this annual meeting could help gather more leaders to jointly create a high-quality investment community to propel the growth of the global investment market.

Conor said “UEZ Markets is a financial investment company utilizing artificial intelligence as its core. We always adhere to the concept of making investment easy. We aim to make everyone in the world enjoy the stable and lucrative investment made available by artificial intelligence technology. This is also the goal that drives all our actions.” 

He added that in the past, due to the pandemic and the war Russian-Ukraine war, we had encountered the most serious inflation and global currency depreciation in the past 40 years. Although these events slowed us down, our research and development remain unaffected. During this period, our company successfully launched an artificial intelligence technology – NEURON. This is an important milestone for our company because it can summarize historical data and combine it with precise calculations, it can accurately predict market trends, and could increase your profit by up to 20%.

On the other hand, Mason also showcased the amazing growth rate of the team, which has grown from initial 10 people to a 200-men team. In addition to that, the company has also established its first strategic centre in the Asia Pacific region in 2022.

During his speech, Mason said that “Even after these three years of challenges, we came out unscathed. Not only that, we have grown even more! Compared to last year, we have shown 120% growth in sales and a 27% increase in profits.”

He also said that UEZ Markets will set up its next strategic centre in Switzerland and shifts its business from B2B to B2C. Then, they will introduce the services to the retail market, and are expected to reach one million users this year!

Furthermore, multiple global marketing directors also shared their thoughts, experiences, expectations, and plans regarding the company’s outlook and their team. 

Lastly, the 2023 “Beyond Investing” annual general meeting ended with the enjoyment and laughter of many guests at the annual dinner.

UEZ Markets never stop growing. UEZ Markets is constantly learning and improving, and we look forward to seeing you again!

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