Powerful Professionals Showcases Leading Experts For 2022

The business coaching and education company Powerful Professionals has selected its leading experts from its 2022 class.

By growing leadership skills and producing ongoing improvements, these businesspeople have demonstrated their commitment to their company. They were chosen for their dedication to excellence, their strong work ethic, and their commitment to lifelong learning.

Experts on the list come from a variety of industries, including retail operators, real estate, and healthcare. Many of them are entrepreneurs, who have started and grown their own businesses from the ground up.

“As part of Powerful Professionals program, each of these leaders have brought well-developed strengths into the group sessions,” said Kim Walsh Phillips, founder, and CEO of Powerful Professionals. “Balancing the expertise they already have with the humility to discover more and build new skillsets, these professionals have embraced change to better themselves and their businesses.”

It’s not only their dedication to the program that has landed them on this list, but their ability to take lessons learned and translate them into action items for success of their organization. Each and every one of these individuals has brought results directly to their business, putting in place practices and behaviors that can contribute to both short-term and long-term success.

The honorees come from several international locations as well as states throughout the U.S. These leaders are characterized by the ability to use best practices across the board and translate them into their own target markets and regions.

A trademark of this year’s class is their ability to merge their passions and talents with proven strategies to take their business to the next level. Together, the group encourages and supports each other, because they recognize that sometimes efforts go off the tracks, but that the most important thing in business is to adjust and try again.

“These leaders have made an impact, on each other, on their communities, and on the businesses they are building,” Phillips said. “They surround themselves with those who continue to inspire and empower them. They also lead by example, and take the lessons learned into mentoring of others.”

Powerful Professionals Leading Experts of 2022

Allison Turner
Andreas Schwarz
Anna Williams
Arielle Deane
Ayo Haynes
Brenda Tousley
Christoff Weihman
Cindy Baker
Cynthia Abad-Mancheno
Dara Wilson
Davide Viola
Debora Trimpe
Dr. Linda Jordan
Dylan Taylor
Ellen Covey
Gary Thomas
Gintare Balseviciute
Hong Xu
Jackie Sharpe
Jannett Smith
Jeff Arnold
Jennifer Franklin
Jessica Quinones
Jo Anna Wright
Joyce Jaden
Karen Cumberbatch-Sullivan
Karina Koplock
Kesha Smith
Kristin Unzicker
Lakeysha Hill
Laura Rolfe
Linda Gutin
Linda Kaye
Mary Fitzgerald
Mort Orman
Pamela McDonald
Paul Schell
Paula Jessop
Phyllis Thompson
Renee Sunday
Rich Kozak
Richard Sheninger
Rose Colarossi
Rosie Unite
Sharon Madsen
Sherry Kennett-Shmyr
Susan De Robertis
William Grimm

Powerful Professionals is a business coaching and education company offering workshops, resources, and mentoring to entrepreneurs from across the globe. Its founder and CEO, Kim Walsh Phillips, has been ranked #475 in the Inc. 5000 list and she is a bestselling author and public speaker. The company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga.

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