EasyStore Is Making It Accessible And Possible For Businesses To Launch ECommerce Without Needing To Code New Sites

EasyStore allows businesses to set up one easy online store to give them the ability to sell across multiple platforms at once. By providing essential tools for these businesses to promote their products and services, EasyStore can help grow sales.

ECommerce is the future of business worldwide. Having an online store and an online presence can make the difference between if a new business is or is not successful. This trend has pushed many who aren’t comfortable with things like website creation into the IT world as they try to create a good website, good online stores across multiple eCommerce platforms, and advertisements on social media. This quickly becomes overwhelming and frustrating to handle and manage.

EasyStore provides all the tools a business needs to make it in the eCommerce world without needing extensive IT knowledge. 

What EasyStore offers their customers

EasyStore is the ideal all-in-one platform that helps businesses list their products in one place while having them listed on multiple participating eCommerce sites, like Lazada and Shopee. Instead of having to remember logins for a multitude of sites and tracking orders across all of them, everything gets managed in the EasyStore platform. 

By logging into their EasyStore account, businesses will see all of their sales and activity across all of the synced platforms their products are listed on. They’ll also see the results of any advertisements placed on social media sites like Facebook and know where advertisement-driven sales have come from. 

With the mobile app, monitoring everything on the go is quick and easy, allowing the convenience of traveling with the business owner. New products can even be listed through the app, making it all-purpose for a business’s needs. 


No matter the size of a business or what industry they’re in, EasyStore provides an ideal tool to manage all eCommerce sales and activities in a single place. This convenient service gives business owners more time to focus on growing their company and working on creating new products and improving existing ones instead of managing dozens of eCommerce sites at once. 

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