Business Coach Helps Develop Strategies for SBE Companies to Maximize Performance and Boost Revenue

Owl Sage Coaching’s founder, Kristi Smith, focuses on coaching small business owners and providing them with insights to maximize revenue and profits with customized strategies.

Owl Sage Coaching is a coaching and consulting company specializing in helping female businessowners, service-based companies, and entrepreneurs enhance their operations. Each organization has its unique challenges and Owl Sage Coaching will develop a customized strategy that can dramatically improve the performance of a company and boost its revenue. 

Owl Sage Coaching identifies the specific problems within each business and comes up with a customized solution to effectively resolve prevailing issues, improve operations, and create new income streams. These solutions are designed to help grow revenue and significantly improve profit margins. Headed by Kristi Smith, the company helps entrepreneurs plan and execute, in addition to developing sustainable marketing strategies, and also assists in making key decisions. 

Kristi, founder, CEO, and business strategist of Owl Sage Coaching is a Certified Business Coach, Life Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and Heart Centered Leader. She offers affordable one-on-one coaching, online group coaching, and DIY Online Learning to help small business owners navigate through the challenges of starting or growing a small business. Her program includes marketing campaigns, establishing a strong brand, creating new leads, and building long-term relationships with existing clients.

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Owl Sage Coaching was formed specifically to support small businesses—they are the engine that drives the economy, creating jobs and opportunities. They account for 2 out of every 3 jobs created in the U.S. Being an entrepreneur and business owner who had faced her struggles and succeeded in overcoming them, she understands the predicament of female business owners, service-based business owners, and entrepreneurs intimately. 

Kristi has a profound passion for helping those who lack confidence or feel overwhelmed and are unable to reach their maximum potential—in business and life. With her business acumen and broad experience, Kristi offers them professional support through Owl Sage Coaching, helping to lead their companies into becoming multi-million-dollar success stories. She shows them how to find fulfillment and balance in their lives, making them aware that it is possible to create a highly successful business without sacrificing personal time and relationships.

Kristi is an Associate Contributor to the Six Figure Coach Magazine and a Public Speaker. She has coached and consulted many clients worldwide and employs innovative tools and the educative training modules developed by her team through her Online Group Coaching and DIY Online Learning programs. 

Small business owners can communicate with Kristi to discuss any problems they may presently be facing in their business where she offers a free consultation—a pro bono 30-minute one-on-one session. Owl Sage Coaching’s website provides access to a free training video to help deepen the understanding of business techniques. There is also a comprehensive list of articles on her blog that are informative, thought-provoking, and motivating. 

A high-profile business does not have to come at the price of high-level stress, losing relationships with your kids, and missing connections with your partners, families, and friends. Business owners can have a balance between an extraordinary business and extraordinary life.

About the Company: 

Owl Sage Coaching is a coaching and consulting company with a highly skilled team that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with an evaluation of their business, identifies problem areas, and helps develop customized strategies and systems with the latest research, revolutionary tools, and information. They provide online and offline coaching and have worked with clients worldwide to maximize the potential of their businesses. Programs on offer include One-on-one Coaching, Online Group Coaching, and DIY Online Learning. Business owners can avail of a free 30-minute consultation with the founder and CEO, Kristi Smith.

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