The Story Of A Woman Living A Man’s Life: Who Had To Overcome Incredible Odds In Order To Achieve Her Dreams

Michelle Fries endured physical and mental abuse at the hands of well-meaning parents, and was assaulted and drugged without her knowledge.

Despite these obstacles, she found the strength to persevere and eventually stumbled upon her life’s passion out of desperation and sheer luck. At first she worked as a pipeliner at a time when she was one of the few women in the industry.

This meant that any mistake she made could lead to disastrous consequences while men were given leeway, with their mistakes being overlooked or celebrated. This added an additional layer of difficulty to an already challenging environment.

So she did what everyone did on the pipeline back in the day, drank heavily and partied every night while still working hard during the day; not even stopping for proper sleep breaks. It was as if she was on autopilot for 16 years. 

Then came motherhood – which modified her lifestyle drastically. She had to change careers, stay home often, and behave differently in order to cope as a newly single mom while attempting to find a suitable partner. However, this was difficult for her due to the programming she had been subjected to throughout her life.

After crashing in the 3 most important areas of her life; love, finances, and health, she started spending over $200,000 on self-help, coaches, healings, books, and certification courses. She began unlearning 90% of what she was taught – discovering what it truly took for folks in her position to transform their lives.

Now she helps others change their subconscious, soul level programming, and become aware of what created their current situation. By combining science and spirituality, she believes anyone can begin creating positive change in their lives – no matter how bad their situation may seem, even when family and friends are unsupportive.

Michelle’s journey has taken far longer than needed, simply because she assumed the programming of her family. But today, she’s a leader helping others accelerate – by reinventing their truth so they can reach their full human potential with a happy heart!

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