Kelly McAndrews Shares the Secret Code to Letting Go of Emotional Trauma

Kelly McAndrews helps individuals experience freedom from stress, trauma, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Energy medicine practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, and lifestyle coach Kelly McAndrews is changing lives across the globe by helping people release emotional stress and trauma. Using a non-invasive energy healing technique called Emotion Code, she empowers people to dive deep into the root cause of their physical and emotional distress, enabling them to conquer their fears and thrive.

“Everything is energy,” says McAndrews. “The body has a tremendous capacity to heal and thrive; that is what it’s designed to do. We just have to get out of our own way.”

Emotion Code uses a holistic whole-body approach to tap into the subconscious and identify negative emotional energies (i.e., trauma, self-doubt, anxiety, etc.) that may be holding people back from living a life of confidence and peace. These negative energies make it difficult for individuals to form authentic relationships with others and succeed in their endeavors.

McAndrews uses her own experiences and knowledge to help people take the first step in releasing burdens and uncovering their subconscious beliefs. This way, they can restore balance to their life.

According to McAndrews, Emotion Code is about moving forward. It’s about taking charge and walking with purpose.

“When you free trapped emotions, it’s easier to connect with authenticity and attract opportunities aligned with your life’s purpose. Even when setbacks arise, you don’t become easily overwhelmed. Instead, you learn to be resilient and grounded even amidst challenges.”

Throughout her career, McAndrews has helped thousands break free from the stressors that keep them trapped in a cycle of anxiety and overwhelm. With her guidance and expertise, many individuals experienced the freedom of living happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

According to a client, “After the first session, I felt a calm that I had not felt in a long time or maybe ever. Her feedback on the emotions she cleared and ages was amazingly accurate and fit with a common theme I realized I had struggled with most of my adult life. I feel like a layer was lifted from me.”

McAndrews combines applied kinesiology and Chinese medicine along with other tools to help her clients. Kelly has even worked on animals with anxiety and stress disorders.

McAndrews offers remote sessions only, available to clients worldwide.

Find out more information about Kelly Mcandrews and her serviceshere: Be sure to read the many testimonials on her Kind Words page.

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