Xendella Is Providing Superior Hospitality Support Services And Facilities Management

From hotels to senior assisted living facilities, Xendella is applying their elevated approach to services like housekeeping, laundry, and facility operations. Their focus is on improving the experience and lives of those who utilize the facilities they manage.

Finding the right facilities management team is essential for creating a welcoming and clean environment for the people in any given type of building. Whether it be a hotel, an assisted living facility, or even a corporate office, it’s necessary to have a good space for those who frequent it. There are also environmental aspects to consider and various local regulations that must be upheld at all times to keep operating. For all of these things, a good facilities management team can take all of the stress and worry out of it as they take on all of the aspects of maintaining the facility. 

Xendella is a facilities management company that excels at these services. They believe in creating the most comfortable environment possible for the people living, working, and visiting any facility they manage, and they do so with superior services.

Xendella’s services and difference

Xendella takes a unique approach to each facility they’re working in. They know that different types of facilities have different needs and requirements and therefore require different types of services and approaches. 

One of the facility types that Xendella provides incredible service to is senior assisted living facilities. These facilities are where those with medical needs and difficulty getting around live every single day. They require that extra level of care and service as cleaning up a living space becomes very difficult for them. Xendella makes these spaces feel like home for guests and residents, providing them with high-caliber housekeeping, laundry services, and management of the community spaces of the facility itself. This allows the staff of the facility to focus on their residents, knowing Xendella has the facility they live in taken care of. 

Hotels and hospitality facilities are often rated and selected based on cleanliness and the management of the facility itself. With Xendella, hotels know they’ve got everything covered. Xendella focuses on the customer experience when performing housekeeping and laundry services. They ensure each guest has a perfectly clean room to sleep in at night through their superior services. 

It isn’t just hotels or living facilities Xendella can help with. Their services extend to all types of facilities and even include EVS or environmental services. They see regulations as the minimum requirements for cleanliness and exceed those standards for every facility they manage. Crucial disinfection and cleaning help reduce the spread of any viruses, leading to a much healthier facility. 


Xendella has all types of facility needs covered. They even offer custom solutions, such as catering to holistic needs, to make sure each facility is taken care of in the best way possible. With Xendella, companies know that all their facility management needs are exceeding the expectations of guests and regulations while keeping to any of their custom requirements. 

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