Ideal Healthcare Benefits Introduces a New Membership Program to Help Employers and Employees Save on Healthcare Benefits

Ideal Healthcare Benefits offers healthcare membership from $24.95 to $99.95 monthly through the LifeExec Advantage program. The program delivers complete and affordable healthcare for everyone, including members, spouses, and dependents up to age 26. The packages include Advantage Wellness, Advantage Protect, and more.

Ideal Healthcare Benefits, a leading provider of health insurance solutions, has available programs designed to provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. The programs include UmbrellaCare and LifeExec Advantage Benefits and are intended to help employers and employees access the coverage needed without breaking the bank.

The programs available for membership

The healthcare solutions are:

–  Advantage Wellness
–  Advantage Wellness Plus
–  Advantage Mental Health
–  Advantage Protect

The Advantage Wellness program is a complete health and wellness package that offers 24/7 Telemedicine checkups with zero visit fees and unlimited visits. Dental, Vision, and Pharmaceutical benefits are also included with this membership. It is most suitable for members who have families, travel domestically, take medications, and are budget conscious.

“Seeing a doctor can take months, costs money every visit, and makes me not want to go. Advantage Wellness is so convenient for our family. No waiting to see a doctor and no extra fees for visits.” said Jaime G.

Advantage Wellness Plus allows a member to access a network of over 15,000 physicians and locations. The package covers Advantage Wellness, Priority in-person primary care, Priority urgent care, Chronic disease management, and exclusive Concierge care service.

Advantage Mental Health allows for seeing a virtual therapist with zero fees, obtaining 24/7 on-demand counseling, accessing alternative medicine in 35,000 locations nationwide, saving up to 85% on prescriptions, and getting assistance with resources for adoption, pregnancy, aging loved ones, and more.

“I’m a home care worker, and my job can be challenging daily. Advantage Mental Health has helped me get into therapy and gives me access to an on-demand therapist for those extra tough days at work,” said Maria S.

Advantage Protect offers legal, tax, and financial services security, protection from identity theft, and peace of mind. This program covers members, spouses, and dependents up to 26 years old at no additional cost. Simple and Living Wills are included in the membership.

The membership saves money, covers the family, has no usage limits and restrictions, and has nationwide coverage. The company offers the opportunity to schedule a 15 minutes Benefits Consultation with the company’s staff to help choose the best program for employers or employees.

About Ideal Healthcare Benefits

Ideal Healthcare Benefits is a leading provider of health insurance solutions for employees and employers. The company’s mission is to help people navigate the complex world of health insurance and find the plan that best meets their needs and budget. With the introduction of new programs such as UmbrellaCare and LifeExec Advantage Benefits, Ideal Healthcare Benefits is making it easier for employers to access comprehensive coverage at an affordable price for employees. The company’s website offers a wealth of information, including an interactive 3D flip book that provides an engaging way to explore the features and benefits of these programs.

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