Buddyharness provides solutions for the safety and well-being of pets.

Buddyharness aids in reducing the discomfort and harm that conventional collars frequently cause to pets’ necks.


California – January 25, 2023 – As recommended by Veterinarians, using a buddy harness instead of a dog collar makes it easier to control and manage the dog and they massively help in reducing respiratory problems and tracheal collapses.

Moreover, employing a harness has a number of other advantages. Some of these include guarding against choking and injury. The entire pressure on the neck, back, and torso is released by a dog harness. It transfers all the strain and pressure from a small but crucial place to a bigger, safer area.

A dog harness is an ideal accessory every time a dog is taken for a stroll in the park, because dogs are naturally curious creatures, and it can be challenging to control their comfort when other dogs are present. Even if the dog hasn’t been properly taught proper harness behavior, the handler will have more control over the animal if it is restrained in a harness.

However, Buddyharness is a prominent company that aims at improving the safety and well-being of pets, and its objective is to decrease the pain and injury to pets’ necks that are usually caused by conventional collars. Buddyharness helps to lessen the discomfort and injuries to pets’ necks that conventional collars frequently inflict, and provides solutions to missing dogs through their custom dog harness.

Personalized dog harness no pull provides better safety since they are fastened such that they cover a larger portion of the body, including the shoulders, front limbs, and chest. This will prevent the dog from ever escaping,” said, one of the customer representatives of Buddyharness

“Our dog harness with name patch secures and safeguards your pets in addition to protecting your dog’s trachea from collapsing and other choke-related and it can be used by both tiny and large dogs,” she added.

The buddyHarness’s products are much easier to slide over the dog’s head with effortless control and comfort while walking the dog, and it’s sturdy to handle. Likewise, they are more comfortable for all dog breeds and sizes and personalized with the dog harness name and Phone number. The buddy harness has more advantages and benefits like helping recover lost dogs, and a reflective strap for night safety, it is so perfect for training, lightweight, and easy to use. 


One of the customers who purchased the harness stated that “The harness is great for short or long hikes. The size small is perfect for our female Corgi, Sami, who weighs 22 pounds.”

In conclusion, Buddyharness’s products are quality, comfortable for all dogs regardless of their sizes, hassle-free returns, worldwide shipping, long-term warranty, and finally,  24/7 Customer Service. 

About Buddyharness 

Buddyharness is a reliable online store for custom made dog harness.  It was founded to improve the safety and quality of life for your furry pets. Buddyharness provides a wide range of products for pets including an adjustable dog lift harness for back leg lift, an anti-loss dog leash, a dog car seat belt, a chew ball toy, a dog hock brace, a dog raincoat,  foldable dog bath pool, led dog nail trimmer, no spill pet water bowl, and much more.  

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