Balcomie Capital Announces Launch of Self-Storage Investment Fund

Balcomie Capital Announces Launch of Self-Storage Investment Fund
The fund is allowing for up to 40 accredited investors with the likelihood of impressive returns

Balcomie Capital, founded by Travis Baucom, is pleased to announce the launch of a $10 million equity fund for investment in value-add self-storage and ground up self-storage construction, with a target return of 20% internal rate of return and 2x multiple on invested capital.

Aiming to partner with high-net worth individuals, Balcomie Capital focuses on private, alternative investments. Helping investors garner tax-advantaged investments to build generational wealth, all while providing a means for passive income, the company stands on four pillars in offering superior returns. 

In mitigating volatility, Balcomie Capital, chooses investments with low correlation value to world markets. It also is laser-focused on generating passive income for clients to provide them with recession-resistant cash flows. Tax advantages come with the growth of income and wealth, but the company sources and structures investments to provide significant tax advantages. Lastly, it comes down to more than a bang for a buck, as relationships matter to the company and long-term partnerships are sought in creating a legacy for clients.

While the fund has a 12-month investment window, opportunities like this typically fill up in just four or five months. There are currently spots available for roughly 40 accredited investors, while the fund presents the potential to double one’s investment in just five years time.

Self-storage investments have proven to provide investors with a stable, recession-resistant return, one that consistently outperforms the broader commercial real estate market. In fact, the space saw tremendous growth following the COVID-19 pandemic. The continually-growing demand for self-storage due to the rise of e-commerce and the continual population migration from  blue states to red states present a unique opportunity for investors.

“In an inflationary environment, on the edge of a recession, self-storage offers a historically high return with a proven recession-resistant asset class,” said Baucom. “This investment is one of the lowest risk options in the market today.”

Accredited investors interested in the opportunistic investment fund are encouraged to inquire with Balcomie Capital at

About Travis Baucom

Travis Baucom, Founder of Balcomie Capital, is a seasoned asset investor with over 10 years of real estate investing experience, with an aggregate return far above the market average over the past decade. Balcomie Capital is a boutique firm for high-net-worth and high-income professionals. Its mission is to deliver fully-managed, private investments that allow investors to pursue what matters most to them, offering unprecedented access to income-producing private investments to help build a legacy and future for the next generation. To invest with Balcomie Capital, please visit:

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