From Lawyer To Relationship Savior. How This Man Is Saving Marriages Around The World

For the last 15 years, Asif Choudhury has been a successful lawyer and mediator in the UK. His experience in this area has led to a special ambition – to save as many marriages as possible. Drawing on his experiences, he felt that couples often give up on their marriage too quickly, giving up at the first hurdle. This is why he decided to create ‘My Marriage Rocks’, an international movement designed to help couples navigate away from their marital problems and not only save their marriage, but make it thrive.

Asif’s journey began 10 years ago when he was asked to mediate a family friend’s marriage problem. Thanks to his mediation skills, he was able to successfully maneuver them away from their issues and ultimately save their marriage. Since then, Asif saw how messy and disastrous divorce can be, and made it his mission to help couples tackle marital problems in order for them to stay together.

Having seen firsthand how difficult divorce can be, and how important it is for married couples to stand side by side through tough times, Asif created ‘My Marriage Rocks’. The purpose of this organization is twofold: firstly, help couples with existing marital problems signpost them towards solving those problems for themselves; and secondly, provide resources that can help strengthen relationships which are already going well but could do with some extra support or guidance.

To do this ‘My Marriage Rocks’ provides tips and advice on everything from communication skills and financial planning to relationship counseling sessions. At its core though, the ethos is that both partners need to work together in order for anything positive long-term result such as saving their marriage or improving relationship dynamics takes place.

As you can see Asif’s work has had an incredible impact worldwide – ‘My Marriage Rocks’ has helped many people find answers they were looking for so desperately!

Get access to the same training Asif has used to save countless marriages by downloading his free ebook: “My Marriage Rocks” here:

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