House of Ventures Is The New Digital Platform Connecting Entrepreneurs and Reporters to Uncover The Latest Business and Tech Trends

Omri Hurwitz, Founder and CEO of Omri Hurwitz Media, has recently announced the creation of House of Ventures, a digital platform that connects entrepreneurs and journalists across different industries to uncover and discuss the latest trends, news, and buzz. This launch is an extension of OHM’s modernized approach to tech media where business leaders and reporters are given the opportunity to lift the lid and share their two cents on all things business and technology.

House of Ventures is a virtual space composed of a series of interviews, podcast episodes, news, tips, advice, and insights from the top industry experts and leaders. With years of experience in tech PR, digital marketing, and tech reporting for publications like Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, Times of Israel, and New York Tech, Omri is not a stranger to high-quality content curation and in-depth industry insights. Known for his innovative and modern PR/tech media methods, Omri broadens his company’s scope by creating a next gen platform where entrepreneurs share stories and gain inspiration from their peers, while reporters can access a wide and diverse range of new perspectives and ideas. 

“It’s the go to place for exclusive content, collaboration, networking, innovation, and connections that aims to help professionals up their game,” Omri said. “At Omri Hurwitz Media, we believe that keeping up with the trends and honing one’s leadership skills is key for a successful business venture. House of Ventures is the tool haven where one can get all valuable news and tips from leading experts on a global scale.”

The Urgency of Twitter Meets the Depth of Forbes

What’s unique about House of Ventures is that it combines the best of two polar opposite worlds: the rapid-fire nature of Twitter and the substance of Forbes. Together, it’s a unique blend of informative, urgent, and valuable content that spans from cutting-edge solutions to the most off-the-cuff snapshots of entrepreneurs and business leaders. It aims to lay out the freshest perspectives on the hottest topics in the biz. 

“Imagine Twitter met Forbes in a bar and they decided to make a baby, House of Ventures is that baby,” Omri said. “Our mission is to provide bold yet digestible content from an array of pressing topics, ranging from the most technical aspects of different industries to thek behind-the-scenes snippets of a leader’s day-to-day routine.”

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