How People Around The World Are Using Chocolate To Make Life Sweeter

Dr. Kalei Ross is a highly acclaimed chocolate and relationship expert, who has made it her mission to equip people with tools to experience greater joy in life by establishing meaningful relationships using chocolate.

With her doctoral degree in clinical psychology, she uses her expertise and love for the world’s beloved food item to create unique “chocolate connection experiences” that provide practical tools for individuals and companies alike.

Dr. Ross’s story began when she took her first trip to Paris and was astounded to find a chocolate shop on nearly every street corner. Initially intimidated by the elegantly presented stores, she eventually broke down and purchased her first French bar of chocolate, which sparked an insatiable appetite for learning more about all things chocolate.

Her newfound fascination resulted in the publication of her book, In Pursuit of Purity: The Paris Chocolate Files, which won the coveted Gourmand Award in 2020 in the Chocolate category.

The combination of Dr. Ross’s knowledge in clinical psychology and passion for chocolate has enabled her to offer specialized services that use chocolate as a tool to connect people from all walks of life.

This includes using chocolate as an icebreaker when meeting new people or engaging teams with unique activities that are designed to build cohesiveness within organizations. By introducing this novel approach with chocolate, it helps increase the likelihood of success as nine out of ten people like chocolate according to recent studies; making it an accessible yet delightful way to form relationships with others.

Apart from its delicious taste, Dr. Ross also recognizes the importance of having some form of chocolate present during major celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, or graduations as a reminder that relationships are essential components in our lives; something we should never take for granted but rather cherish consciously each day.

Through her work, Dr. Kalei Ross hopes to inspire others to break away from their comfort zone and embrace new opportunities to develop relationships by using something as universally loved as chocolate.

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