MagicFuse Announces a New Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service

A new page in the company’s history that will digitalise marketing automation and analytics software

MagicFuse is a Salesforce development company with competencies: Salesforce ISV development, Salesforce integration, Salesforce custom development, and implementation founded 6 years ago.

The company is dedicated to expertise in Salesforce product development & tech consulting with a Salesforce team of 10+ certified experts of different roles like App Builders, Platform Developers I & II, Salesforce Admins, and Salesforce QA Engineers.

MagicFuse starts a new year by launching a new service – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

MagicFuse concentrates on unique business needs and maximizes the Salesforce Marketing Cloud advantages in all areas, including advice, support, re-platforming, and integrations. At each point of the customer journey and marketing campaign, an effective and adaptive SaaS platform offers pertinent messaging to strengthen client connections. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud services include:

Marketing initiatives

A company can define campaign categories, organize resources, invite participants, create campaign hierarchies, monitor performance, and produce reports using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For planning, developing, and scheduling newsletters, preventing cart abandonment, a rewards and loyalty program, analyzing performance to improve the database, and applying complex segmentation, MagicFuse specializes in creating responsive HTML email templates. 

Data Intelligence

By filling up records and making it simple to organize and add new contacts and accounts, MagicFuse gathers insightful data and transforms it into helpful marketing initiative solutions. By discovering and combining data from various sources, MagicFuse is committed to uncovering unusual information that assists in understanding the business practices of potential clients. Salesforce specialists improve pipeline management, identify opportunities more quickly, increase brand loyalty, and make more informed decisions.

Support and Maintenance

MagicFuse takes over Salesforce solution’s full development and administrative support or carries out specialized support duties, taking care of all the connections, integrations, and platform updates. They respond to inquiries about concerns ranging from widespread user complaints to system failures and adjust default functionality and implement modifications, including important ones, to a Salesforce solution per modification requests, all without affecting already running business activities in Salesforce.


Companies may efficiently integrate any system and optimize complex integration tasks. MagicFuse provides all the tools necessary to properly utilize the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including integrations of the Salesforce marketing platform with the company. Businesses can improve client personalisation by merging all of their systems and data from every place, automating operations, and delivering customer experiences more quickly.

Migration to Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce development company offers a secure migration plan to help businesses seamlessly transition from antiquated marketing platforms to the cutting-edge Salesforce Marketing Cloud. MagicFuse promises to digitalise and improve operations while assisting in engaging effectively, forging lasting bonds with clients, and obtaining real-time data analytics.


Based on recommendations for how to use e-commerce platforms most effectively, MagicFuse develops a roadmap that includes specialized marketing campaigns, customer journeys, a CRM strategy, and loyalty administration. 

About MagicFuse

MagicFuse is a product development & tech consulting company focused on Salesforce ISV development, integration, custom development, and implementation. The company is a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner and Certified Professional PDO with a fully certified team of 35 certifications. In 6 years of experience, MagicFuse has delivered 100+ Salesforce projects.

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