Ashley DesChenes’ My name is Ashley is a Powerful Memoir That Provides a Voice for Readers Facing Addiction

Ashley DesChenes’ My name is Ashley is a Powerful Memoir That Provides a Voice for Readers Facing Addiction
Ashley DesChenes’ My name is Ashley offers a new level of awareness, compassion and healing for individuals or family members battling addiction.

Millions of lives are lost to addiction every year, causing more direct and indirect deaths than any other illness. My name is Ashley is a powerful memoir that shares the autobiographical account of Ashley DesChenes decades long experience with trauma, addiction and recovery. The book details the trauma that led to Ashley’s substance abuse, and what her life is like now, being free from the binding grips of addiction. With honesty, empathy and raw self-awareness, Ashley reminds readers that they are not alone, and despite how difficult life may feel, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

My experience writing My name is Ashley, was a mixture of ups and downs. I am close to ten years sober now and I feel this experience has made me even stronger. It is a constant reminder of just how far I have come and that I never want to feel that way again,” says author Ashley DesChenes. After overcoming tremendous adversity herself, Ashley went on to receive an international award for her book, in addition to her role working in the mental health and addictions field. With a passion to share her knowledge and experience while providing the best care possible, Ashley hopes to save and transform the lives of many. “[I want] to help those suffering with mental health and addictions to find their voice to share their struggles. I believe we are stronger in numbers and when we reach out and share how we are feeling, it begins to smash the stigma of addiction and not only helps oneself, but other struggling addicts as well.

Written in a personal, conversational tone, the book offers readers a feeling of familiarity, warmth and deep sense of connection. Many people struggling with addiction are typically struggling with something beyond the substance itself and Ashley’s deeply personal account of her own substance abuse and the underlying cause of it in her life, is exactly the kind of story readers need to hear in order to feel and internalize the realities of addiction. Her prolonged journey towards sobriety, which only occurs once she begins to address her trauma, goes to further elucidate this powerful message. The book concludes by offering some final words of encouragement along with testimonials of recovering addicts who believed themselves, at one point, at the end of their rope. This provides one last heartfelt reminder that it’s possible to transform trauma and addiction into strength and hope.

My name is Ashley has been endorsed by well-renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Raelene Magneson writes, “Absolutely loved this book!… I had tears, I had chills, I even caught myself smiling at parts. Very well written!” In addition, Donna C. Michalow writes, “Such an inspirational book of one beautiful soul putting her life out there in hopes of helping others. So raw, vulnerable and goes to show that no matter what you have been through there is always hope for a better outcome.”

My name is Ashley offers answers, reasons, and advice that can change your life; maybe even save a life, if you or a family member are battling any kind of addiction. Available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Google Play, readers who are looking for a renewed sense of hope and healing are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Author

Ashley began her writing career at age 27, when she wrote her memoir, My name is Ashley, which was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards. She has spent close to ten years supporting those struggling with mental health and addictions. She attended college in 2014 and graduated as a Social Service Worker – Recovery Specialist. Ashley has shared her story in various schools and treatment centres, and plans to continue to be a recovery advocate in her community.

In her free time, she plays on multiple baseball teams and quiets her mind playing guitar and piano. Ashley lives with her beautiful daughter, and hopes to give her the best life possible.

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