Maximizing Savings: Proven Methods for Reducing Shipping Costs with UPS and FedEx

How UPS and FedEx shippers save money using technology

Seekr Parcel is a logistics company that specializes in helping companies save money on their shipping costs by offering parcel audit and rate negotiation services. Seekr services are specifically designed for companies that ship significantly with UPS and FedEx and have helped their clients reduce their shipping costs by an average of 22.4% annually.

One of the ways they help companies save money on their shipping costs is through parcel audit. This service involves weekly downloads of UPS and FedEx invoices and the filing of disputes on behalf of the shipper. Their team of experts carefully review each invoice to identify and correct any billing errors, such as overcharges, missing discounts, and incorrect weight and dimensions. This not only helps to correct any errors on the invoices, but also helps companies identify areas where they can improve their shipping processes to further reduce costs.

Another way they help companies save money on their shipping costs is through rate negotiation. This service involves working alongside the shipper to help them improve their contracted rates with UPS and FedEx. Seekr’s team of experts will analyze the company’s shipping patterns, identify areas where savings can be made, and negotiate with UPS and FedEx on behalf of the shipper to secure better rates. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the shipping industry and know the best practices and strategies to negotiate the best rates for their clients.

Every company has different shipping needs, which is why Seekr offers custom solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Seekr Parcel has helped hundreds of shippers mitigate their shipping expenses auditing and negotiating with UPS and FedEx. Whether a business is shipping out a handful of packages a day, or thousands, Seekr has a solution to help them reduce their parcel shipping costs today.

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