These Three Neuroscience Techniques Can Fix Relationship Problems Instantly

Successful relationships engage in uncomfortable communication to repair ruptures and regrow trust. According to neuro-relationship expert Amanda Serna, these three simple neuroscience techniques repair relationship wounds and reignite passionate love in any relationship. Serna is a neuro-relationship consultant with years of experience in helping people feel more confident, happy, and loved in their relationships. She has a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and specializes in Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis Therapy. She believes that “when it comes to relationships, you CAN have your cake and eat it too… and it’s quite simple.”

#1 Directly Tell Your Partner What is Bothering You Saying what is bothering you is not an accusation audit, but it is also not beating around the bush. It’s not about what he or she did wrong. It is about what is bothering YOU. Communicate how YOU FEEL. Pull out your feelings and start by saying, “I feel…” When you release the stress, your cortisol levels drop and give way for your dopamine levels to rise. Relief and health are on the other side of speaking up about what’s bothering you.

#2 Ask for What You Want We are intuitive beings. Unfortunately, we intuit people and the world through biased lenses. For this reason, we must speak with direct and simple words that people can understand. It starts with saying “I want…” and then expressing what you want in your relationship. The people that love us are more than happy to give us the things we want, but before we can receive them, we must ask. Ask for time to think. Ask for a date night. Ask for physical love and intimacy. Ask, ask, and then ask some more.

#3 Hug It Out for at Least Five Minutes In a busy-obsessed world, hugging your partner for five minutes is going to feel like an eternity. Your mind will wander. You’ll squirm. But each time you find yourself pulling away, grip your partner tighter. Deliberate, prolonged physical contact releases oxytocin into your neural synapses, which allows your nervous system to RELAX. Oxytocin tells your body, “We are safe. No need to fight, flee, or freeze. It’s going to be okay.”

Amanda Serna’s neuroscience techniques help people create and grow the love they’ve always desired.

For Serna’s book How to Make Men Chase You, or More neuro-relationship techniques, check out her website:

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