Reduce Neck and Back Pain with the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair from VILNO

VILNO is revolutionizing the ergonomic office furniture industry with the perfect kneeling chair for any home office. Relieve back and neck pain because your neck, back, and shoulders are automatically aligned when you sit on a kneeling chair.
VILNO’s kneeling chair’s design keeps the spine and the core energized for comfortable, active sitting.

Many people struggle with neck and back pain after spending hours hunched over a desk with bad posture. VILNO created the Nobel Kneeling Chair to offer a comfortable, ergonomic alternative to traditional office furniture. With VILNO, long hours at the office don’t have to result in an aching back and stiff joints. 

“Kneeling chairs by VILNO are wonderful for back and neck comfort,” company founders said. “We realized that many things changed when the COVID-19 pandemic started, but one of the biggest was how we work.”

With so many people working from home, VILNO wanted to create a product that helps alleviate unnecessary pain and increase comfort. The family-run company launched in 2020 and helped thousands of people reenvision their idea of the perfect chair. 

Designed for comfort

The VILNO Nobel Kneeling Chair was designed for comfort, using the best pads and a perfectly shaped wooden frame to ensure a high-quality piece of furniture that’s made to last. 

“The kneeling chair is meant to reduce lower back strain by dividing the burden of one’s weight between the shins and the buttocks,” the chair’s designers said. “People with coccyx or tailbone pain resulting from significant hours in a sitting position are common candidates for such chairs.”

3,000+ Five-star reviews can’t be wrong

Satisfied customers left overwhelmingly positive reviews for the Nobel Kneeling Chair by VILNO. Users said they experienced almost immediate relief of neck and back pain, improved posture, and overall comfort while sitting for hours at a time. Many enjoyed rocking in their seat, using the motion to work through restless energy while completing their tasks. 

“No affiliation, but I suffered no less than three prolapsed (slipped) discs from sitting on the wrong sort of chair at a computer,” said Ian Watts in a review of the kneeling chair. “Been using kneeling stools ever since (over 20 years) and virtually never even get backache. Different make to these, but I have three now—studio, home office, and even dining table.” 

Relieve back pain with VILNO Kneeling Chair

A satisfied customer shared his review for VILNO’s Nobel Kneeling Chair, praising the easy assembly, ergonomic design, comfortable cushions, and the active sitting available with the rocking function. 

Nobel Kneeling Chair features

–  Relieves neck and back pressure, providing maximum support
–  Sit upright with an open hip angle, which reduces pressure on the back and strengthens core muscles.
–  Reduce lower back/sciatic pain with an aligned back, neck and shoulders, improving the lumbar curve and preventing users from slumping.
–  Weight distribution spreads the user’s weight between shins and buttocks, while thick split knee padding makes kneeling stable and comfortable.
–  Active sitting improves circulation and oxygen levels, which may boost energy, concentration, and overall well-being.
–  The bent birch wood rocking frame allows for more adjustments and motion than similar products. 


Visit the company’s website to learn more about VILNO and its revolutionary kneeling chair. Reach out on Facebook and Instagram to connect with the brand on social media. 

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