Travelers Using KETAVISA as a Proxy Are Protected from Delays Over ETA Application Errors

Non-Korean nationals hoping to visit the country must apply for a K-ETA 72 hours before boarding a flight. However, even the slightest mistake or typo on an ETA application can cause delays and missed flights. KETAVISA’s proxy service prevents errors, so travels fly securely.

The Korean Government cannot communicate directly with an individual via phone or email. However, KETAVISA can safely provide consultation with clients via Google services to handle any inquiries about Korean Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA).

“KETAVISA is currently up and running in South Korea, and we are providing events, such as maximized discounts,” company founders said. “Through subscriptions, you can get fruitful information on a regular basis.”

Apply for a K-ETA by proxy 

Through a major ongoing promotion, clients may apply for a K-ETA by proxy for the low price of $9.99. While there is a limit to the number of clients who can receive the promotion each day, the fee is lower than the Korean Government’s and comes with additional protections. 

Secure payments through PayPal

The KETAVISA payment system utilizes PayPal to provide its clients with the highest level of convenience and security, along with safe, convenient refunds and dedicated support. 

Convenient communication

KETAVISA minimizes the client’s inconvenience through the use of Google Hangout, where clients can connect and consult with professionals to clear up any confusion about ETA applications. The company also offers the option to schedule a one-on-one consultation through the website. 

Tour Korea with Kroadmap

Get the recently released Kroadmap application from KETAVISA to tour Korea like never before. Designed specifically for tourists, the app highlights special points of interest. 

“You can conveniently find hidden restaurants at the touch of a button and view current festivities that are going on,” Kroadmap developers said. 


Visit the KETAVISA website to learn more about the company and how easy it can be to ensure K-ETA applications are accurate and approved without delay through a knowledgeable, dedicated proxy. 

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