Unleashed Academy Applies Cesar’s Way Philosophy for Behavior Modification Training of Pets and Service Dogs for the Autism and Psychiatric Communities

For several reasons, dog training is integral to any dog’s life. Dog training benefits both the dog and the owner. Training Cesar Millan’s Way creates calm, confident human leaders and obedient dogs. Unleashed Academy is pleased to provide Cesar Millan’s dog psychology philosophy for all behavior modification training programs as well as service dog programs.

Cesar Millan is one of the most sought-after dog behavior and rehabilitation authorities. He is a world-renowned celebrity dog behaviorist and has taken it to another level with his mission for better humans and better dogs.

Unleashed Academy is pleased to announce that its behavioral team has completed coaching and training with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Center in California. They have adopted Millan’s calm and confident approach to creating a well-behaved dog and a self-assured human leader. They also apply this same philosophy to training service dogs for the autism and psychiatric communities.

“We are dog behaviorists here to help you improve your relationship with your dog. Our staff members are trained to use dog psychology, not to dangle treats. We do not bribe your dog; instead, we employ methods that your dog understands instinctively. We are proud to announce that we have completed coaching and training with Cesar Millan and have adopted his successful philosophies,” an Unleased Academy representative said.

Unleashed Academy, based in Spokane Valley, Washington, provides Autism and Psychiatric service dogs, dental office therapy dogs, training classes, and behavior modification to help families enjoy life with a canine companion. They are dedicated to improving the lives of clients, caregivers, and families. Unleashed Academy serves the entire United States for service dogs and therapy dogs and has successfully placed more than 350 service dogs all over the United States.

An and a psychiatric service dog are trained to assist a child or adults in helping them gain independence and overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives. Unleashed Academy’s highly skilled Autism and Psychiatric service dogs are custom trained to recognize and interrupt self-harming behaviors or help de-escalate emotional meltdowns. The dogs will perform a variety of tasks such as Deep Pressure Therapy, Weighted Blanket, and Crowd Blocking.

“I’m still alive because of Oliver. He laid on my body in -8 windchill. I was outside until the ambulance arrived and then stayed on top of me because I had a bunch of seizures. All the emergency personnel remarked on his training and how great he was. I’m grateful for Unleashed Academy,” reviews a customer of Unleashed Academy.

Unleashed Academy offers a variety of dog training classes for its clients to choose from. They assist dog owners in developing happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships with their dogs. Their dog behaviorists and trainers have adopted successful training philosophies thanks to Cesar Millan’s philosophy of training.

“Last summer, we brought our dog here to help him with his reactionary responses. He arrived home as the most obedient and wonderful dog! Unleashed Academy’s training techniques are extremely beneficial and make perfect sense!” reviews a satisfied client of Unleashed Academy.

To learn more about Unleashed Academy’s Service Dogs for the Autism and Psychiatric Communities, dog training classes, or a free consultation, individuals are invited to visit their website.

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