The 16-Year-Old Poised to be The Rising Modern Leonardo Da Vinci

Harry Su is gunning to be the Leonardo Da Vinci of this current era thanks to his myriad of talents.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius famous for his many rare talents which lifted him into prominence. As the centuries have come and gone, it has been difficult finding someone else that can be thought of as a prodigy of Da Vinci. However, Harry Su is set to change all that.

Harry Su is a multitalented and versatile person with a host of talents that almost rival Da Vinci. The prodigy is an athlete that plays in so many sports including water polo, badminton, swimming and basketball. He also engages in calisthenics, powerlifting, bodybuilding and conditioning in the gym. 

As if being an athlete is not enough, Harry is a professional musician that is looking to perform as a soloist with many youth orchestras across the globe as a pianist. In addition to being a skillful player on the piano, Harry also plays the violin and percussion and drum kit. What’s more, he considers playing the flute and trumpet as part of his hobbies. 

As a consummate musician, Harry not only plays varied instruments, he further functions as a contemporary classical composer that composes for band, orchestra and solo works. He is also a conductor and arts administrator for the nonprofit chamber orchestra “Presto Chamber Orchestra” that does community concerts and free concerts. In the past two years, the focus and theme of the orchestra has been on “Nature”.  Besides, Harry Su is a talented chef, whipping up culinary delights for friends and family alike.

Away from the creative arts, Harry is also skilled when it comes to money-making. He is an e-commerce expert that makes money by doing dropshipping, creating brands using shopify, and owning stores on eBay and Facebook Marketplace and Etsy. He further uses his expertise in technology to invent new things.

Harry is the founder of Smoke Technologies Inc, a business based in Melbourne that tends to PCs, laptops, phones, and dropshipping technology such as drones. Currently, he is looking to start another health supplement business along with another dropshipping brand soon. 

In addition to the above, Harry is an influencer on Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. To learn more about him, do follow him on his social media channels. 

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