Obsessed with making music, JAYTIME releases his debut EP Sweetvibes vol.1 on 27th January, 2023.

Joshua Abiola James, known as JAYTIME announced his debut EP Sweetvibes vol.1 on 27th January, 2023.

JAYTIME has emerged as a singer. songwriter and instrumentalist. Obsessed with making music, JAYTIME now releases his debut EP Sweetvibes vol.1 on Friday 27th January, 2023. The EP has six resounding  tracks that will blow the audience’s mind to the 7th layer of heaven. JAYTIME in the music industry released an EP of Six-Tracks Sweet vibes vol.1 on the Friday 27th January,2023. He showed his love for music  is built with a highly obsessive drive for making waves of quality music. 


His one of the resounding tracks “HELP MYSELF” which is exceptionally inspirational and self persuasive. JAYTIME imparts his opinion about supporting towards making possible progress. The track uplifting the listeners to look up to God and ask for showers of blessings. JAYTIME makes this track with amazing sounds of Violin & Sax with a touch of afrobeat.

The Afrobeat musician create a resounding track with the name of “PAPER” which is the blend of RNB and Afrobeat. It is all about narratives towards a man displaying his wealth with all sense of obligation, wanting to purchase his direction to his choicest lady’s heart. 

“IN THE MOOD ”, a track by JAYTIME, always prepared to party without season. The attitudinal display revolving round this groove is one of the gyration and most extreme festivals. The vocal aesthetics conveys flashiness as well as musical glamor. 

Another track “FLEX” basically is a dance hall type of music prepared by JAYTIME. It is created for clubs with high spirited wordings which ignite the body and soul as well. 

EP Sweetvibes track “FINE BABY” is commenced on an unceasing powerful love expressed by a man towards a beauty. This track is a blend of Afro dance hall with a combination of a juicy flow of pop which further gives the track a smooth and musical flow.

Additionally, his “BAMBI” track is an afro pop that portrays a picture of a lady called Bambi tagged “Shakara goddess”. 


JAYTIME real name is Jashua Abiola James is well known singer, songwriter, instrumentalist. He is highly obsessed with music at a very young age. He is a popular Nigerian musician, started his musical journey as a drummer, after he evolved to songwriter. He became popular after his single hit “Come to Me” in 2020 and he soon released EP Sweetvibes vol.1 on 27th January.




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