Author Dave Hanrahan’s New Book, “Fracking – Oil and Murder Don’t Mix,” Delves Readers Into The Dangerous World Of Climate Activists And The Hydraulic Fracturing Industry

Author Dave Hanrahan's New Book, "Fracking - Oil and Murder Don't Mix," Delves Readers Into The Dangerous World Of Climate Activists And The Hydraulic Fracturing Industry
New Mystery/Legal Thriller “Fracking – Oil and Murder Don’t Mix” by Dave Hanrahan delves into the dangerous world of climate activists and the hydraulic fracturing industry.

January 27, 2023 – Dave Hanrahan, prominent Boston trial attorney and author, has released his fourth novel in his mystery/legal thriller series, “Fracking – Oil and Murder Don’t Mix,” featuring the return of Bill Coine, Boston’s premier P.I. Set in Boston and San Antonio, the book takes a deep dive into the world of climate activists and their relentless war on gas and oil and the hydraulic fracturing industry.

The story begins with the discovery of a man’s body, head crushed and partly submerged in a sunken garden pond at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, Texas. The man has no identification; the only evidence at the scene is the imprint of a pair of heels from a cowboy boot. In his final report, Lt. Charles Hannify, S.A.P.D., concludes that this case will be difficult. And that’s how it stays until Bill Coine arrives in the middle of a red-hot fracking war to work for the country’s largest fracking operator, Bedrock Ventures, Inc.

Murder, mayhem, and environmental sabotage are front and center as climate activists plot to destroy Bedrock Ventures’ environmentally damaging fracking operations. As the story unfolds, Coine and his wife, Jeanie, become the targets of a vicious assassin known only as Crazy Cowboy.

The novel also gives readers a rare look into the innermost secrets of one of the largest law firms in the country as it struggles to control the devastating fallout when one of its powerful and corrupt senior partners goes rogue.

Fracking – Oil and Murder Don’t Mix” delivers two things mystery readers demand: interesting plot twists that keep the pages turning and the obligatory surprise ending. The book creates a complex world of danger and intrigue. Although it is fiction, the characters appear to be real, satisfying a reader’s need to be absorbed in events beyond their own lives. It also satisfies readers’ curiosity about the fracking industry, including how it improves the extraction of oil and gas, whether it is harmful to the environment, and how far climate zealots will go to end it.

About The Author

Dave Hanrahan is described as a street-smart Brooklyn native and a former captain in a combat branch of the U.S. Army. He is also a prominent Boston trial attorney. He has used his experience in these areas to create a story with believable law enforcement and courtroom action. The dialogue in the book is also noted to be enjoyable. The main character in the book, Bill Coine, is a retired Massachusetts state police detective lieutenant who is portrayed as a relentless protagonist with quick and believable deductions.

Dave Hanrahan’s reputation as a gifted storyteller is further solidified with this latest instalment in the Bill Coine series. “Fracking – Oil and Murder Don’t Mix” is available now at major bookstores and online retailers.

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