The Health Benefits of Dry January According to

The Health Benefits of Dry January According to

Dry January is a recently popularized trend where people make what is essentially a New Year’s resolution for just one month to stay away from alcohol. Everyone has a different set of reasons for taking on the challenge. Some do it because they need a break from holiday hangovers, while others find that they are becoming uncomfortable with their more routine drinking habits. No matter why someone decides to give the Dry January challenge a shot, they’ll reap a host of health benefits.

Get a Mood Boost

Many people believe that they get a mood boost through drinking, either during special occasions or after long, stressful days. In fact, this coping strategy can worsen the symptoms of depression and anxiety and, according to, those effects quickly begin to outweigh any relief offered by alcohol. Even people who don’t drink to excess often report what’s known as “hangxiety” the next morning, so don’t assume that this health benefit only applies to heavy drinkers or people with severe underlying mental health problems.

Better Sleep

Some people fall asleep quickly after a night of drinking. However, most wake up just a few hours later and have difficulty falling back asleep because of alcohol’s interference with adenosine, a chemical essential for healthy sleep. Those interested in learning more about the relationship between alcohol and restorative sleep can discover this info here.

Lose Some Weight

It’s often the case that quitting drinking, even for a brief period, can help people lose weight. There are two reasons behind this trend. The first is that when people cut back on drinking, they’re cutting out empty calories and tend not to replace them. The second is that people who are drinking or dealing with hangovers tend to reach for junk food more often, which means that cutting out alcohol typically means improving their diet, as well.

Stronger Immune System

Binge drinking has been shown to suppress the body’s natural immune response in ordinarily low-to-moderate consumers of alcohol. Two to five hours after finishing the last drink, levels of essential disease-fighting immune cells in the body decrease. This can leave even occasional drinkers who sometimes go overboard at parties dealing with more frequent illnesses. For anyone who wants a solution, there’s always “Holiday cheer without the buzz: 6 non-alcoholic cocktails for your seasonal spread”.

Liver Recovery

Even for heavy drinkers, liver damage begins to repair itself just a few days after quitting drinking. Whether people switch to water or an alcohol-free adult beverage like Ritual Zero Proof, they can expect mild to moderate liver damage accumulated from binge drinking and other harmful habits to be largely healed by the end of the month. However, if a person’s liver damage is severe, it can take longer to see results.

Develop a Healthier Relationship to Alcohol in 2023

People who participate in the Dry January challenge find that it gives them a chance to reflect on their relationship with alcohol. What better way to start a new year than with new self-knowledge? Anyone who drinks should come away from Dry January with this mental health benefit in addition to taking advantage of the potential physical benefits described above.


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