Talks about How to Take Advantage of Expired Listing Leads Talks about How to Take Advantage of Expired Listing Leads

Real estate agents rely on quality listings to boost their income, but finding those listings isn’t necessarily easy. Some clients visit an office and list their home with the first agent they see, but that’s not common. In most instances, real estate agents must use various tools to find good, saleable listings.

Take Advantage of Ready-Made Opportunities

Agents who take advantage of opportunities are far more likely to survive in a highly competitive industry. One such opportunity is expired listings. While some agents shy away from expired listings because they perceive those listings as “stale,” they are missing an excellent opportunity to thrive. When a listing expires, there were most likely problems no one took the time to address. That means identifying the problem increases the odds of selling the home now.

Finding Expired Listings

Most real estate agents tend to specialize in specific neighborhoods and closely monitor the homes for sale in that area. In other words, they know when a seller lists a property and will track the progress of that listing. While online listing systems report when a property listing expires, thorough agents follow listings and know when they’re ready to expire. That means the agent is prepared to move in when the listing shows up as expired. Checking a site such as Espresso Agent every day allows agents to spot potential listings quickly.

Of course, accessing contact information is crucial when an expired listing shows up, and most real estate listings don’t include owner information. Successful agents understand having contact information available makes contacting the owners of expired listings far easier. While knocking on the property owner’s door still works as a contact method, messaging them is faster and easier. Using quality software expedites the process and gets an agent’s name in front of the seller quickly. When a listing expires, other agents may also take steps to contact the seller, and being there first often makes a difference.

Provide What the Seller Needs

If a property doesn’t sell quickly, identifying the reason for that failure to sell is crucial. The seller is probably frustrated and unsure how to proceed, so an agent seeking the listing must evaluate the situation and come up with some possible reasons to discuss with the seller, including the need to read this post here. While price is often a factor, other issues may cause problems. Improving curb appeal, updating aging appliances, repainting, and professional staging may improve the odds of selling quickly. 

Don’t Ignore FSBOs

Prospecting for expired listings and FSBOs? 11 tips to get an edge and similar articles offer suggestions that help agents boost their odds of landing new listings rather than allowing them to go to other agents. FSBOs are common and, according to, many people assume they can successfully market their home rather than paying an agent’s commission. Even in the strong markets seen in the past couple of years, things don’t always work that way. Buyers assume they can get a better deal when negotiating directly with the seller, but neither of them has the skills needed to overcome problems that are routine for agents. Using top-rated real estate software, combined with knowledge and experience, gives agents the edge when negotiating sales.

Real estate agents attempt to list those properties, and properly prepared agents will have the edge. Take advantage of all available tools, including quality software, when approaching new prospects.


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