Introducing Patrick Sirius’s New Company “SiriusLaGou” Helping Local Businesses Launch Digital Tools, Create Jobs, & Transform Communities

Patrick Sirius was born and raised in the small, Caribbean country of Haiti. He came to Canada after the earthquake that happened in Haiti in 2010. His life purpose has always been focused on doing things that can help people. When he came to Canada, he had to leave his whole family behind. Since that day, he has been working towards building a future for himself as an entrepreneur, focusing on the online world in order to bring digital knowledge to help businesses and individuals thrive, specifically, small and mid-size businesses.

He is one of the first Haitians that is working to bring his native language of Creole to the AI world, in hopes that with time his digital business can also expand to help his home country. He brings a lot of love and passion for the work he does and wants to share it with the world. In 2018, he partnered with Wikny Lestin and Naime Hosain. Wikny is a fellow Haitian and Naime is a talented software developer from Bangladesh, who are also both business owners.

Patrick Sirius, is also a renowned technology entrepreneur, and has just launched a revolutionary new company, SiriusLaGou. His venture promises to bring digital tools and technology to small businesses and local communities across the country.

Patrick Sirius, together with his team, Wikny Lestin and Naim Hosain, believe that by helping small business owners leverage digital technologies, they can make a real difference in their community. They hope their efforts will provide meaningful employment opportunities for youth in these low-income regions who have been left behind by traditional job markets. These are individuals who often don’t have access to the same resources that larger corporations or even non-profit organizations have.

By giving small businesses access to essential digital tools, Sirius’s company, SiriusLaGou, is helping them gain an edge over larger competitors, allowing them to create better customer experiences and attract more customers – ultimately contributing to economic growth in their area.

In addition, this venture provides invaluable support for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses, whether they’re taking on established companies or launching something new. With the right tools provided by Sirius’s team, budding entrepreneurs can be empowered with important skills and knowledge that could help them succeed in today’s market.

Overall, Patrick Sirius’s new venture is set to make a huge impact on both local businesses and their surrounding communities. By providing cutting-edge digital services and job opportunities for those most marginalized by traditional labor markets, it stands poised to change lives across the nation- one customer experience at a time!

You can learn more about Patrick Sirius’s services at [,] or contact him at [[email protected]] [email protected] for more information.

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