Discusses EMF Protection and What Are the Potential Health Risks of Modern Technology Discusses EMF Protection and What Are the Potential Health Risks of Modern Technology

Not very long ago, electricity sparked people’s imaginations as well as their fears. It also opened the doors for possibilities even Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison probably couldn’t have imagined. At first, many people didn’t trust electrical currents enough to allow them to flow through their homes. At this point, though, electricity is the driving force behind all the technology people have come to take for granted.

Looking at the Problem with Modern Technology

There’s no denying that technology has advanced people’s lives. It makes life easier and more convenient. It provides endless entertainment and keeps everyone connected to the world. Of course, it has created countless jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be available. One can click for more information on the matter, but below is a brief overview of the situation.

How is Technology Dangerous?

Many people believe certain forms of technology can be harmful. Some point to its mental and emotional effects. Social media and being able to essentially conduct life online these days can lead to anxiety, depression, isolation, and other problems. They’ve been linked to vision issues and insomnia as well. Still, that’s only part of the problem.

Many studies show that exposure to electromagnetic radiation created by some modern devices and appliances can be particularly dangerous. Though EMFs are naturally present in the world and created by the Earth itself, some types of electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. Fields generated by today’s technology have come under fire of late.

What Are the Health Effects of EMFs?

Experts currently disagree on the possible health effects of EMFs. Some say everyone should be concerned about the potential dangers while others insist people are panicking needlessly, according to As the old saying goes, though, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Wireless radiation exposure limits outdated and unsafe based on some recent studies. Because of that, many devices and appliances in people’s homes may have detrimental effects. Some research has established a link between excessive cell phone use and tumors of the brain and spinal cord. Certain reports also indicate that EMFs may bring about an increased risk of leukemia in children. Keep in mind that many of these studies are considered controversial and inconclusive.

Much of the concern about EMFs and their effects revolve around the nervous system. Experts note that exposure to electromagnetic radiation can make people jittery. It may also cause headaches, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. EMFs may even alter the very structure of nerves in the body. That alone can have a profound physical impact. 

Repelling the Effects of EMFs

Electromagnetic radiation may have harmful physical and mental effects. Authorities say the types of EMFs people are exposed to and the extents to which they’re exposed determine just how extensively they’re affected. Companies like BON CHARGE offer a variety of tools designed to help repel the possible effects of EMFs.

Eliminating modern technology to reduce its possible health effects isn’t an option at this point. After all, technology has become such an integral part of life that most people would be lost without it. That being said, reducing exposure is certainly possible. There are an array of products that are said to help battle the effects of EMFs. 

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