Ukrainian-American Couple Margarita Varaksa and Dixon Hammer Establish Legalish, a LegalTech Start-Up Designed to Help Immigrant Couples Handle Their US Immigration

Legalish: Legal In Plain English was established to solve the many problems and complexities associated with becoming a US citizen for immigrants

The United States has long been a destination for immigrants seeking a better life and more opportunities. However, gaining citizenship in the United States can be a long and difficult one, fraught with challenges and obstacles. One of the biggest barriers to citizenship is the lengthy and complex application process. Applicants must navigate a maze of paperwork and regulations, often requiring the help of legal professionals and incurring significant expenses. Furthermore, the process can take several years or even decades to complete, leaving many immigrants in a state of uncertainty and insecurity.

In order to streamline the process of obtaining United States citizenship, Margarita Varaksa and Dixon Hammer established Legalish. Both individuals possess unique perspectives on the process, with Ms. Varaksa being an immigrant from Ukraine and Mr. Hammer being a native United States citizen. Their shared experience of navigating the complexities of immigration law motivated them to create Legalish, in order to provide assistance to those facing similar challenges.

As an immigrant, Margarita faced several forms of legal inaccessibility which forced her to handle the situation alone. Sadly, she made some potentially costly mistakes. Today, Margarita and Dixon are lawyers and they’ve created a program for immigrant couples like themselves looking to obtain US citizenship. The Marriage Immigration Method program by Margarita and Dixon provides immigrant couples with the help they need to handle the legal aspect of their immigration. It is a cool alternative to spending thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer and it also ensures immigrant couples avoid mistakes since they were going through the process themselves.

“Our marriage immigration program is a handy tool for every immigrant coming into the United States on the basis of marriage,” explained Dixon Hammer. “From our experience and insights gathered over the years, our program has simplified getting US citizenship making it more accessible and less overwhelming for those who seek to make a living, avoid legal mistakes, make the right decisions, and become a US citizen in no time with Legalish.”

The marriage immigration method by Legalish teaches immigrants and helps them understand:

1.     The Green Card application process

2.     Removal of conditions

3.     How naturalization (citizenship) works

There are bonus materials included in the program which are related to children, petitioning parents, handling RFEs, practical advice, and much more. Enrolling in the Marriage Immigration Method program gives participants access to complete checklists, templates, cover letter examples, and more for every step of the process. They will also be provided access to an exclusive community of immigrant couples going through the process of obtaining US citizenship like them.

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