Mango Animate Offers a Digital Animated Character Creator for Users

Mango Animate Offers a Digital Animated Character Creator for Users
Create interactive, stylish animated characters using Mango CM.
Mango Animate is an innovative animation software provider and it introduced an animated character creator for users to make animation videos easily.

Animation is now a popular means of conveying messages, from the serious to the frivolous. Animated characters form an integral part of this medium and the ability to identify with them may be one main reason why animation is so popular. Creating these characters can be considered difficult, but with the right tool, it’s quite simple. Mango Animate offers a user-friendly animated character creator that takes the hassle out of creating animated characters.

The Mango Character Maker (Mango CM) brings animation projects to life with 2D character and skeletal animation. It does this by turning static images into animated characters quickly and efficiently. The animated character creator supports PNG and PSD formats. Users can simply import these into Mango CM, add bones, edit poses, and apply animations to produce lifelike animated characters.

This animated character creator features the easiest bone tool for rigging characters as well as premade bone templates for faster rigging. Users may also take advantage of premade animated characters that are professionally designed and fully rigged. They just need to customize these to meet their specific character requirements.

There are many options for customizing characters with the animated character creator. Users can swap outfits and accessories for their characters with a few clicks. They can also choose from a variety of facial features and decorative items to make the characters distinctive. Elements like skin color as well as the color of different body parts can be altered easily. Users can also import their custom character assets and accessories for more personalized characters.

Animating the characters is just as simple with this animated character creator. There’s a huge library of premade motions including facial expressions and body movements that can be applied with a handy drag-and-drop tool. Users can create their animations and use the Inverse Kinematic (IK) feature to edit poses and movement. It makes the animation look smoother and more natural. They can also import audio and video files into the animated character creator to match the movements of the characters.

“Our animated character creator was designed to make character creation and animation simpler for newbies and pros alike,” says Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate.

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