Attract Love and Respect Helps People Find the Love They Deserve

How people-pleasers, folks with anxious attachments, women with relationship anxiety, and “nice guys” inspire respect and commitment from people they date.

In love relationships, many people are afraid to express their needs because they’re afraid of upsetting or losing their partner.

That’s one reason why Trevor Justice founded Attract Love and Respect.

Attract Love and Respect shows people how to evoke compassion when standing up for themselves, and actually bring their partners closer, instead of causing them to get upset or defensive.

When Gisélle contacted Attract Love and Respect, she was feeling taken for granted by her boyfriend. But she was afraid to put her foot down.

She took Trevor’s advice. Instead of pressing her boyfriend to do better, she asked him questions to uncover how committed he really was. Disappointed with his answers, she cut him loose. But then an interesting thing happened…

He came towards her! He seemed sad and asked what he needed to do. She set some boundaries and challenges for him to step up to, if he wanted to see her again.

Using the languageTrevor teaches, she revealed that she wanted a life partner, not a fling… A partner who’s available, proud to introduce her to his friends and family as his girlfriend, and open to doing relationship therapy together.

Says Gisélle “I could have saved a lot of grief if I’d asked him those questions long ago!”

Six months later, a much more loving man proposed!

Now Gisélle is making a life with this great man who’s incredibly present with the difficult challenges of life. He’s fully committed and nurturing to her and her mother, and even stands up for her.

When she stood up for herself the way Trevor teaches, not only did she evoke compassion from her (now) ex-boyfriend. The universe listened and answered her prayers – but not in the way she expected!”

Trevor Justice is an award-winning speaker and two-term leader of a men’s circle that’s been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. So he knows the secrets to winning a man’s heart, his respect, and his commitment.

He’s also the author of “Attract Love and Respect: 5 Ways to Be Valued in Your Relationships”, a digital e-book that can be downloaded instantly.

About Attract Love and Respect

Attract Love and Respect helps people-pleasers, folks with anxious attachment, women with relationship anxiety, and “nice guys” be respected and valued by the people they date. The company offers relationship coaching and retreats to give debriefs and support to clients on their way to finding the love they deserve.

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