Latest Book from Land Trusts Made Simple® Reveals Little Known Method for Protecting Real Estate

Your privacy is key to financial success.

During his more than 50 years of investing in real estate, Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, has seen or heard of plenty of homeowners and mom-and-pop investors losing everything due to real estate-related frivolous lawsuits. In one extreme case, an investor worth millions lost his property, his family, and even his underwear.

Among the reasons why people who own real estate are targets for lawsuits, two stand out. First, whether they only own their residence, or they have 49 single-family houses, unscrupulous people can go to the courthouse records and find an owner’s name and approximately how much equity they have in their property. The other reason is that real estate can be liquidated without too much fuss.

The result is that devious people can guess how much money they could win in court.

These facts prompted Mr. Land Trust® to get the word out that there is a legal, ethical tool real property owners can and do use across the country to keep the roof over their heads and shield their assets from attack.

This is why he wrote The Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Using Land Trusts. Using his “one investor to another” writing style, he goes into detail about Land Trusts. He explains why they allow owners and investors to “fly under the radar” of those who only want to use the legal system to take what isn’t theirs.

In his 59-paged ebook, Randy explains what Land Trusts are, why they work to protect what you’ve worked hard to get, as well as tips and tricks to make a Land Trust as effective as possible. He gives examples of how they are profitable too!

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Using Land Trusts by Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, is available now at and on

About Mr. Land Trust®

Growing up in a poor family, Randy knew there had to be a better way. He found investing in single-family homes to be his path to financial security. He uses Land Trusts in his real estate business and for more than 20 years has taught others to do the same.

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