Learning More About What is the LED bracket used for

LED bracket, the bottom base of LED lamp beads before packaging. On the basis of the LED bracket, the chip is fixed in, the positive and negative electrodes are welded, and then the packaging adhesive is used to form a package.

The LED bracket is generally made of copper (also iron, aluminum, ceramics, etc.). Because of the good conductivity of copper, there will be leads inside it to connect the electrodes inside the LED lamp beads. After the LED lamp beads are packaged and formed, the lamp beads can be removed from the bracket. The copper feet at both ends of the lamp beads become the positive and negative electrodes of the lamp beads, which are used for welding to LED lamps or other LED finished products.

Model and specification

Generally, LED brackets are directly inserted into LED brackets, piranha LED brackets, patch LED brackets and high-power LED brackets:

In general, there are many straight inserts, including 02 with short legs, 03 with large angle red yellow light, 04LD with blue white green light, A5, A6 with white light, A7, A8 with large cup bottom, 06 with flat head, 09 with two and three colors, etc;

The size of LED bracket has a certain influence on the luminous intensity or luminous angle, and its heat dissipation has a direct relationship with the optical properties and service life of LED.

LED chip support market SIDE VIEW 335 008 020 010, HIGH POWER TO220 LUXEON 1-7W, etc., because their specifications are not unified, there are many special specifications.


According to the principle, there are two types: focusing type (with cup holder) and large angle astigmatic type Lamp (flat head holder). For example: A. 2002 cup/flat head: this kind of support is generally made of materials with low angle and requirements, and its pin length is about 10mm shorter than other supports. Pin spacing is 2.28mm. B. 2003 cup/flat head: generally used for φ For lamp above 5, the exposed pin length is+29mm and – 27mm. Pin spacing is 2.54mm. C. 2004 cup/flat head: used for making φ 3 Lamp. Pin length and spacing are the same as those of 2003 bracket. D. It is used to make blue, white, pure green and purple lamps, which can be welded with double lines and have deep cups. E. 2006: Both poles are flat head type, used for flashing lamp, fixing IC and welding multiple lines. F: 2009: It is used to make a two-color lamp. Two can be fixed in the cup, and three pins control the polarity. G: 2009-8/3009: It is used to make a tricolor lamp. Three chips and four pin pins can be fixed in the cup. H: 724-B/724-C: used as a support for piranha.

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