Psikosmos book leads to new physical theory of the Cosmos

Psikosmos book leads to new physical theory of the Cosmos
André Moravec’s work builds an imaginary world to explain the physical world.

São Paulo, Brazil – January 30, 2023 – Psikosmos is the masterpiece book of nonagenarian André Moravec, who dedicated much of his time to a profound study of theoretical physics and philosophy.

“My objective in explaining an imaginary world (Psikosmos) was to clarify, by comparison, some subjects of our Cosmos. When I started my studies, I could not have assumed that I would end up discovering new implications in the physical world. As I got deeper, I felt the need to share this with everyone through this book, leaving a legacy”, says André.

Psikosmos is a treatise in synthesis format, a reading that requires the reader interested in science and philosophy to go deeper into new concepts of time, space and matter. In the book, these concepts are defined logically, with geometry as the basis for the construction of elements. Time – called paron – represents the transition from the past to the future. It is reading of interest to all who love knowledge.

The whole psykosmos concept is solely conceived with paron, that is, an instant of time constituted by past and future. An accelerating arrangement of two parons emits a linear time called hrona.

A tetraparon is an accelerated entity comped by four parons, which emit six hronas that conceive a three-dimensional space-time. So numerous tetraparons would unite in a simple harmonic motion, forming an unapparent “dark matter”.

By splitting paron, the author creates, by means of an ingenious maneuver, a stable bason, a spherical conception of 1837 parons with a future on its surface keeping a past close in simple harmonic motion. This arrangement matches that of hydrogen atom, obtaining a link to the real world. Thus, unstable bason corresponds to neutron, and the stable to hydrogen atom whereas its orbital conception is inviable. The future corresponds to positron and the past to electron. As basons keep exchanging their pasts in a nucleus, they correspond to nucleons. So, with basons could be formed the counterpart of any kind of matter, existent and nonexistent in reality.

According to Psikosmos, gravitation in the consequence of the nucleons’ acceleration. The velocity of light is the velocity of spatial time. Gases are free molecules linked in a mutual simple harmonic motion.

The most important finding due to Psikosmos, feasible to be verified, is the possibility of instant communication between two separate locations, independent of the distance between them.

But the fundamental and surprising revelation of Psikosmos is that the whole world is solely built by time.

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About the author

Born in 1928 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, André Moravec arrived in Brazil in 1948. In 1958, he graduated in Architecture at the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP). Between 1962 and 1963, he did an internship in France. He worked as an architect until his retirement, when he began to dedicate himself throughly to Physics and Philosophy. 

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