Popular American Actor Kevin Tanski wins hearts with his Power Packed Performances

Kevin Tanski has established himself as a versatile actor with wide-ranging roles in various movies. He promises to enthrall his fans and audience with some remarkable performances in his upcoming projects that are sure to provide wholesome entertainment to the viewers.

United States – Kevin Tanski, an American actor, has been quickly ascending the popularity charts with an incredible set of powerful performances. He has been acting for over 10 years and has been part of several notable projects. Kevin was featured in a couple of movies last year and had a good principal role in a TV pilot presentation. He is a SAG actor as of 2021.

Born in Buffalo, NY, Kevin attended Lancaster High School located just outside of Buffalo, NY. After graduating, Kevin was recruited to the University of Buffalo to play football for the Buffalo Bulls. After playing for a short time, Kevin decided to focus on his studies graduating with a degree in Psychology. Gradually, he discovered his passion for acting and films and decided to make his mark in the entertainment industry.

Recalling his first brush with acting, Kevin said, “I got my first taste of the entertainment industry in 2005 when I attended Buffalo Pro Wrestling Gym graduating from there as ‘Tank’ Tanski. I left wrestling for other career pursuits. Later, I decided to take another shot at the entertainment industry. Thanks to my martial arts training, and certification in Law Enforcement, I was fortunate enough to be cast as a background/stunt actor police officer for the movie ‘Dark Knight Rises’. It was that experience that opened the door for me in the film industry.”

There was no looking back for Kevin after that. Kevin auditioned and received his first lead role in the feature film titled “Beyond the Call of Duty” in the spring of 2012 where he portrayed a Combat Specialist as part of an elite military strike team. This was Kevin’s biggest performance and often people would point his character out as being a bright spot. He also did his own stunts in his fight scenes and helped coordinate the other fight scenes. This movie earned worldwide distribution and can be seen in over 30 countries. Shortly after that, Kevin was cast in several television commercials.

Kevin earned eligibility for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) by booking a principal role as a Police Officer for the award-winning feature film Topside released in 2021. His role in the film catapulted him to another level of success and fame.

Kevin’s latest projects include a principal role as an FBI SWAT team commander for a TV pilot presentation and a featured role in a movie about Mother Cabrini that should be coming out this year. He has booked two short films filming this year, one of which is already winning awards for the script.

Kevin has always expressed his love for being on sets stating there is no other place he would rather be. He enjoys traveling around the country to film. Kevin is known for his great work ethic on sets. His colleagues describe him as a friendly person who is fun to be around. He has earned a solid reputation for some of the most memorable action sequences in his films, his natural comic timing, and his abundant creativity as an artist.

Kevin is open to taking up challenging roles that bring out his versatility as an actor. “I want to be part of films that satiates the creative hunger in me as an actor and showcases my talent and acting skills. I wish to do all kinds of different roles and be a part of stories that have a long shelf life. I would like to create memorable experiences for my fans and leave a legacy of my own that lives on for years to come,” adds Kevin.

For more details about Kevin’s previous and upcoming projects, visit his profile on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4908734

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