Wink Defeats All Other Cryptocurrency Firms, Occupies the Forefront of the Crypto Market

Numerous new cryptocurrency firms step into the market each day but not all of them manage to thrive. This occurs primarily due to the creation of utilities and services that turn out to be unsuccessful. Investors are in dire need of a platform that ensures the sustainability and endurance of projects. Wink is one such innovative platform that is revolutionizing web 3.0 by implementing solutions to the hassles faced by investors. 

What Is Wink?

Wink brings a new concept into the DeFi sphere. The firm driven by content creators devises real-world services and utilities, ensures their proper operation, and creates the token only when the services start yielding revenue. Through this concept, Wink aims to build a universe that consists only of healthy products. This is a great way to allure both investors and consumers. 

The Wink ecosystem can be divided into two major portions, winks finance and winks universe. can simply be defined as a decentralized application (dApp) that can be used by individuals for farming and staking purposes. The Wink universe on the other hand has been designed to deal with matters pertaining to services. 

Dual Presale System

Wink comes up with a distinctive presale system consisting of two different types of tokens; GWINK and fixed price tokens. The firm launched the GWINK (GENESIS WINK) token via PinkSale and it’s available for trade on PancakeSwap. The idea behind the launch of the GWINK token is to make the project popular among DeFi users and offers yield farming rewards.

The presale tokens are 9 and can be used to claim Official WINK token in a 1:1 ratio after the presale ends. There will be a small price hike after each phase of the presale comes to an end. 

Presale and Refund

In the first phase of the presale, 100 SWINK tokens was offered to users for 1 BUSD. Phase 1 is already sold out, on phase 2 (the current) 50 S2WINK tokens are offered to buyers for the same 1 BUSD. For every SWINK and S2WINK token users will receive 1 WINK token once the presale ends. To show gratitude to the early investors the amount spent by them in phases 1 and 2 will be completely refunded to them. Phase 1 investors will be refunded their money at the end of phase 4 while phase 2 investors will receive their invested capital after phase 6 is completed. Presale tokens can be staked shortly.

A Whopping Incentive of Over $12 Million

Like every other firm, WINK offers great rewards for its users. The firm plans on disbursing rewards worth $6 million among individuals who refer this platform to their friends and families. A 1.2 million incentive has been reserved for those who share this firm via social media platforms. Creators posting the best content and who manage to receive the most support will get $4 million in rewards. Lastly, a portion of $800,000 is allotted to the member who votes and shares the most. 

NFT Mechanic

The firm offers two types of NFTs; WINK collections and Creators Collections. The WINK collection is meant to benefit Wink services by offering discounts, services, and a farming boost while the other type of NFT collection allows service providers to create their own collections and come up with a wide array of advantages. These NFTs can be traded on the NFT exchange, a super-compatible and user-oriented marketplace.

How to Buy presale Tokens?

Investors wishing to purchase presale tokens simply have to do two things. First is to create a wallet on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the next is to have BUSD deposited in the wallet. A great wallet that users may resort to is Metamask. 


The total supply of WINK tokens is 2 billion. No more tokens can be minted. 39.75% of the total supply has been allotted to the presale, 18% to team and advisory, 12% to liquidity, 2% to prizes, and the remaining 28.25% to incentives. 


WINK token is the ideal choice for investors looking to earn a fortune.

Furthermore, potential investors interested in WINK can visit the project’s official website or check out their social platforms to get more details.






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