Disabled Veteran Becomes First To Make Collegiate Track Debut

Karlton Meadows is an accomplished athlete and bodybuilder who has achieved a remarkable level of success despite his birth defect. Born with a defect in his feet that required him to wear braces, Karlton was always a scrawny, weak, and last picked kid on the playground. He dreamed of being an elite athlete, but had no natural athleticism to help him along the way.

Karlton saw his dreams come true when he made history as the first disabled combat veteran to make a collegiate track debut at age 45. With over 33 years of marriage under his belt and three Master’s degrees earned, Karlton has proven himself to be resilient above all else.

Through smart exercises and physical training, Karlton learned how to overcome his disabilities and become an incredible athlete. His fitness journey began in Spain, when he became the first fitness instructor for the Special Navy SEAL Support. His career highlights include recognition from US presidents, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Men’s Health Magazine and the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Today, Karlton is considered a leader in holistic fitness, health, and vitality. He continues to inspire people around him by demonstrating what can be achieved with hard work and determination despite having any limitations or physical ailments. At 53 years old, he still maintains an enviable physique that has young guys striving to reach his level!

Karlton’s story is one of true victory in spite of struggles and failures along the way – but it isn’t unique among world-class athletes with birth defects; Usain Bolt and Donovan Bailey also overcame their various physical challenges before becoming Olympic Gold Medalists and world record holders!

Karlton hopes that sharing his experience will empower other affluent males who may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their bodies, to embrace resilience within themselves – just like he did all those years ago when learning how to walk again after outgrowing his braces.

Learn more about Karlton and his mission here: linkedin.com/in/goldmeadows and


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