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DECONTAMINA uses fog decontamination technology designed with AI to eliminate contaminants and allergens in the air. Here is what the distinctive device offers:

Signature technology

DECONTAMINA employs hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid [MA1] to produce its signature fog. It is released through the nozzle with an average release rate of 7.5 microns in diameter, making it perfect for domestic or office use. Installing DECONTAMINA in commercial buildings, schools, flats, universities, and healthcare offices will reduce the risk of bacteria and viral transference. Its AI algorithm will detect concentration points to eliminate pollutants effectively.

Remote and IoT use

DECONTAMINA proposes a wireless system to connect with smart devices. As a result, you minimize costs, monitor gatherings efficiently, and create a safer space for everyone. It will warn when the crowd has reached a set ceiling when the site is vulnerable to growing infections.

Fumigation protocols

When a contaminant is detected, DECONTAMINA signals its fumigation center. Resultantly, the crowds are warned with lights, signaling that everyone must exist as the fumigation section is ready to begin. You can use DECONTAMINA to detect coronavirus or flu with an efficiency rate of 70 to 80%.

Coronavirus testing

The Coronavirus pandemic is still an active threat. Therefore, DECONTAMINA has been specifically designed to identify favorable or unfavorable conditions for spreading the infamous virus. The patent technology will filter the surroundings based on pre-installed parameters to provide a confident answer.

Detection technology  

The device will flash red when DECONTAMINA detects that the room or building is unfavorable for crowds. As a result, the supervisor can schedule future decontamination and other bio-safety protocols for public well-being.

Cost efficient

Did you know DECONTAMINA can save time and labor costs? The AI-patent technology is 95% more effective than traditional decontamination procedures. DECONTAMINA takes less than half an hour to eliminate airborne allergens, pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. However, the time may vary according to the size of the room and HVAC efficiency.


DECONTAMINA is a team of experts who have brought their skills and expertise to create the latest airborne killing technology. We aim to promote positivity and public health initiative toward all diseases. DECONTAMINA is a step into the future with its AI technology. It will lower startup costs in Canada with its robust ability to adapt to different sizes of rooms. The EPA registers DECONTAMINA to enhance its operation and disinfection rate.

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