Preparing for the Foreseeable Calamities – What Happen if The Technology & The Society Goes Dark?

Technology is typically considered an all-round cure to our current challenges. It is, undeniably, a cogent, powerful tool in addressing our biggest endeavours. Some state that our technical abilities have surpassed our moral knowledge, whether computerization, the iPhone, or genetic technology. Others contemplate technology has provided us with huge ingenuity in dealing with our major ethical questions. Are these equally exclusive? Many researchers have shared their perspectives on extreme survival hiking, specifically on the events that could lead society to the brink of collapse. As modern technology is paving the way to outpace humanity, how can we outlive the inevitable calamities of financial breakdown, supply problems and exposed infrastructure happening in the current time?

As new technology prevails in its field, and as poverty stresses, rich and poor alike have been pushed into natural and man-made catastrophes. According to the best book on survival stories, the infrastructure is built on dreadfully steep angles. It has created immense, fragile metropolises along with fault lines that shake with alarming frequency. In the current situations, cataclysms are as much the outcome of human decisions. Nevertheless, elected executives and disaster agencies, both private and public, remain dedicated to responding to these calamities instead of attempting to make societies more resilient in the first place.

Author Philip Webb has presented a remarkable practical guidebook ”The Inevitable Calamity: Planning for Great Collapse” that depicts the rules of survival and measures to survive foreseeable calamities. Philip has shed light on the obscure side of technology and societies; people are now almost entirely dependent on technology and have less knowledge of the land and practical ways to live, grow and store food and plan for shortages. Therefore, being well-versed in ways to survive a disaster and devise a contingency plan to outlive inevitable catastrophes has become extremely pivotal. To achieve progress during these challenging times and protect ourselves and our families, we need a more dynamic understanding of why technology evolves, how we evolve with it, and how we can govern these powerful, marvellous machines and survive the inevitable misfortunes when heading into a greater societal collapse.

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