Active Safety System Technologies Inc introduces its amazing safety systems to protect US soldiers and citizens

Active Safety System Technologies Inc. (ASST) a subsidiary of UK-based Advanced Blast and Ballistic Systems Ltd. (ABBS) is proud to introduce its amazing safety systems to protect US soldiers from injury in armored vehicles and Rotorcraft/Light Aircraft crashes.

ABBS has developed highly advanced patented systems which prevent injuries to the occupants of armored vehicles hit by mines or IEDs. There are three main systems but the most important one uses very powerful, fast-acting Linear Rocket Motors (a novel patented design) to counteract the lifting forces acting on the vehicle trying to rapidly accelerate it into the air. 

If rapid acceleration is allowed to occur it can end the lives of the occupants by spinal compression, neck and head injuries and aortic rupture even if the vehicle is not penetrated. The system is known as VGAM™ (Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation) and it can completely counteract the lifting forces from buried mine/IED explosions.

The system has been tested in the UK and by the US Army and it worked perfectly in both cases. ”We are now working closely with the US Army and a related $5m four-year R&D proposal has very recently been submitted for further work on preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries which occur in armored vehicle blast scenarios even if the vehicle is not penetrated” said CEO of ASST, Roger Sloman. 

Active Safety System Technologies’ eVTOL Safety Systems designed to prevent crashes are equally important in the longer term. Simplified for the layman, eVTOL stands for “electric vertical takeoff and landing.” It refers to aircraft that are designed to take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, but are powered by electricity rather than a fossil fuel.

The “Safety System” for an eVTOL aircraft helicopters, and Light Aircraft offered by ASST uses parachutes and retrorockets to control the descent and landing of an aircraft in an emergency situation.  These crash prevention systems operate automatically and can ultimately provide a safe controlled landing when everything else fails.

Whilst one system is clearly defense-related and the other serves the aerospace market both of these safety systems are built around different versions of the same sensor control/initiation technology and powerful rocket motors as core elements of both systems.

Inventor and serial entrepreneur, Roger Sloman — who introduced carbon fiber to F1 motor racing in 1975 — is the Chief Executive Officer of ASST. Roger Sloman has dedicated 13 years and invested over $2.6M in finding a solution to the devastating injuries and fatalities caused by IEDs and land mines in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2008, he identified a potential solution and in 2013, realized that the same technology could also be used to improve safety in helicopters and eVTOLs using rocket motors.

Roger’s team members include Brigadier (Ret’d) Ian Cameron-Mowat, a former Head of Force Protection for the UK Ministry of Defence and Don Szkubiel who has over 30 years working with the US Department of Defense. Both distinguished gentlemen hold the positions of Chairman and Chief Operating Officer respectively at ASST and Colonel (Ret’d) Rocky Kmiecik, former Deputy Director of Mounted Requirements at The Maneuver Centre of Excellence at Fort Benning is a Military Advisor and significant investor in ASST.

ASST is now looking to raise funds to continue the development of this important technology. More details about ASST and the opportunity to invest and help save US soldiers from disabling injuries and death appear at:

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