Kickstarter Campaign Launches “Kingdom Spell: Planet Acherontia” – The Ultimate 3D-Printed, Cinematic, and Customizable Tabletop Gaming Experience

Planet Acherontia is a dynamic and immersive 3D cinematic board game that transports players into a living game environment. With constantly evolving gameplay and high-quality components, the game promises to be a realistic, adventurous, and thrilling experience.

A Netherlands-based company has recently launched an ambitious new board game project on Kickstarter titled “Kingdom Spell: Planet Acherontia.” This dynamic and immersive 3D cinematic board game boasts adaptive gameplay, featuring mechanical components with a resizable board and the ability to change or even create new rules for each game. Players can build unique storylines and environments and conquer galaxies on their terms.

“I’ve always been passionate about board games and science fiction, so I created Planet Acherontia, a truly epic and unique board game that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. With its 3D cinematic aspect and adaptive gameplay, I believe it will be a game that’s fun, engaging, and exciting for all ages. I’m thrilled to finally share it with the world, and I can’t wait for players to experience the adventure of Planet Acherontia.” stated the founder and creator of Kingdom Spell: Planet Acherontia.

The game has a 10″ LCD screen with full HD resolution, offering players up to 5 hours of playtime with 1 GB of storage. Instead of picking up cards, players will receive commands when they step on a tile and can create or customize their videos or commands.

“Our unique game feature Solar Hub, brings a new level of excitement to the game by eliminating the predictability of getting the same cards every round. Each player has an equal chance for luck and surprises with every turn. And with our innovative 3D-printed interchangeable magnetic components (Weapons, Ammunition, Health, Medical, and other components), players can easily showcase their characters’ power and strength. Still, always keep in mind your opponents will be able to see it too.”

In addition, the company plans to release a new set of game rules every two months, including a new arrangement for the tiles, 60 new videos, and new holographic video information. As a special bonus, the company plans to release a special edition printable file for each fleet every two months, providing players with even more excitement and customization options. Customers can also download printable .stl files for new components to enhance their gaming experience.

The Kickstarter campaign backers will be rewarded with exciting perks depending on their pledge. Pledge options include five different types of boxes, each with varying contents. All box options will consist of essential game components and are available in limited quantities.

To learn know more about the storyline and the characters and to show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

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