Kennewick Primary Care Physicians at The Pacific Clinic Provide Full Spectrum Preventative Care for Physical and Mental Health

The Pacific Clinic is a health and sports campus that works with patients who wish to foster mind-body wellness, manage degenerative disease, and maintain hormonal health. The clinic employs conventional, functional, and integrative medicine principles.

According to announcements released by The Pacific Clinic and CareFromAnywhere, the Kennewick primary care physicians at this clinic deliver full-spectrum preventative care. They specialize in degenerative disease management and hormone review and management. The services are of particular value because degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, are progressive and can cause significant physical and emotional distress to those affected and their caregivers. This clinic prepares personalized treatment protocols to slow the progress of such conditions and gives patients the best possible opportunity to enjoy a quality lifestyle. 

It utilizes multiple interventions that are more effective in treating such conditions than medication alone. The physicians at this clinic consider the physical, mental, and emotional aspects accompanying degenerative health conditions before preparing a custom treatment plan for a patient. Other illnesses like stroke, cancer, and heart disease can exacerbate chronic degenerative health conditions. The holistic full-spectrum care at this clinic, derived from an integrative approach, helps to manage the symptoms and progression of degenerative diseases by treating other illnesses through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. 

Hormonal health is essential to overall health and well-being. At the Pacific Clinic, hormonal health care involves helping patients avoid things that can throw off hormones, such as environmental toxins, certain medications, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Through group fitness, personalized training, and gym sports, the clinic allows individuals to maintain hormonal balance. Patients learn about the benefits of avoiding processed foods, stress, sugars, tobacco, and alcohol. 

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The Pacific Clinic said, “In functional medicine, we view your body as an interconnected whole. To effectively treat one part of the body, all other parts need to be considered.

Our functional medicine approach helps you to address the root causes of your illness systematically. We focus on 12 central health domains: digestive health, nutrition and food as medicine, hormonal balance, metabolism, neurology, brain function, inflammatory disease, infectious disease, immune dysfunction, environmental toxins, sleep, and stress.

Our concierge primary care offers patient-specific medical, emotional, physical, and mental health solutions. You can expect 1-on-1 quality time with your medical professionals and support team.

We integrate your health plan with today’s best technology and testing to keep you in the best health possible. We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Get started on your health and wellness journey by attending any of our results-oriented, motivating, and energizing classes taught by professional, certified instructors. Make your workouts more efficient and focused on meeting your goals. 

Our personal training is dedicated to offering individualized personal training programs that get optimal results! We develop a personalized plan based on your weight loss and fitness goals, interests, current fitness level, time and financial budget. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the results they deserve.”

About the Company:

The Pacific Clinic provides holistic healthcare and opportunities to practice a healthy lifestyle. Its services are available for adults and children and include athletic development, aquatic fitness, recovery zone, and more. The clinic recommends the best mix of activities based on an individual’s health, sleep patterns, stress levels, and other factors.

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