Famous For His Music And Films, Steven Vitali Is Making Waves In The Headlines This Time With His New Trendy Glamorous Celebrity Driven Publication “Vitali Film Magazine”.

When Fashion Meets Film With an Artistic Creative Community, the Ideas and Articles Emerge That Range From Glitzy and Glamorous to Harmonious.

Vitali Film Magazine, also known as just Vitali Magazine, is a new publication connecting businesses, music fans, fashionistas, movie buffs, and travelers to an enthralling audience.

Introducing one hot new celebrity driven magazine to hit the entertainment world, Vitali Film Magazine! Star-packed articles feature celebrities such as Brad Pitt, the late Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart, and others. Offering a fresh approach to everything possible foremost in music, beauty, style, design, architecture and film evaluations, Vitali Film Magazine is actively capturing people’s desires in over fifty countries for the top three reasons listed below:

• World-class avenue of propelling your business brand to further success.

• Universal appeal in food, fashion, film, travel, architecture and music.

• Vitali means ‘Of Life,’ which this glamorous magazine bases its foundation on.

Inspiring content and designs will have you acquiring a fifth taste for savory classification as you thirst for more. Being that person who brings the exciting conversation to the table is more effective with the aid of this beautifully engineered top-notch magazine. Each issue presents an accumulated and superlative feature of some of today’s most authentic artists. There are four issues each year, with this first issue covering exciting talents such as Michael Massaro, Gerry Tymstra, Elisa Bartoli, and Chelsea Snow. Discovering relevance amid societal challenges, Vitali Film Magazine changes indifference to positivity and thankfulness. The focus of Vitali Film Magazine is the appreciation for the talent that fashion designers, movie producers, music artists, actors, writers, directors, realtors, and even builders have spent their lives perfecting.

Founded by Steven Vitali, famous worldwide and in Hollywood, California, for his chart-topping instrumental music, film scores, and films. Vitali Film Magazines Founder Steven and Co-founder Grace Vitali have created success stories in everything they do. They have built their existence on loyalty, love, and respect. Being driven professionals that they are makes for a good statement with all the things in life that beg for the latest look and fresh ideas. One such success of theirs is the documentary film, The Jewels of the Salton Sea. Their film received worldwide accolades with accumulations of numerous film festival awards. Steven Vitali’s talents span everywhere; from Music Artist, Score Composer to Film Director, and Editor. Steven is phenomenal. With his and Grace’s expertise in making chart-topping music, style, design, and award-winning films, the content pushes this magazine to a level that translates to modern vibes with a twist of nostalgia. The magazine’s team of professionals is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience with articles that are sure to please the most discerning critic. Senior Writer, and published author Rendi Cloe Johnson, expresses her best practice with brilliance in each article she writes. Every page offers something for everyone.

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Vitali Film Magazine, also known as Vitali Magazine, is located at the following addresses, vitalifilm.com, vitalifilmmagazine.com, and vitalimagazine.co

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