The Roof for Phase II Project of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park Has Been Completed, Enabling Digital Peakload Manufacturing with an Enterprise Storage Line Covering an Area of 110,000 ㎡

On January 17, 2023, leaders from Zhongshan Cuiheng New Area, Longsys, project construction, supervision, design, and other participation work units attended the roof completion ceremony of the Phase II Construction Project of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park.

(The roof completion ceremony of the Phase II Construction Project of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park)

The construction of the Phase II project, consisting of an area of about 110,000 ㎡, began in 2021. The park is mainly composed of the R&D building, embedded storage test center, data center storage line, intelligent logistics and warehousing, and other functional areas. According to the plan, the R&D building and the embedded storage test center will focus on the testing and production line of commercial, industrial, and automotive storage and memory products to expand the test capacity for high-end storage products.

The data center storage line will focus on the quality delivery of eSSD, RDIMM, and other enterprise data storage products. A number of industry-leading fully automatic surface mount technology (SMT) production lines and supporting automated testing and packaging lines, including a vacuum re-flow welding machine, online 3D X-ray detecting instruments, and other high-performance and highly reliable equipment, will be built. Together with Longsys’ self-developed testing equipment and software, the line will dramatically improve the production and delivery capacities of enterprise storage products after it’s constructed.

Based on a complete digital factory system, it will gradually evolve into a fully automated smart factory integrating fully automatic order placement, robot scheduling, automatic production quality monitoring, supporting intelligent warehousing for material acquiring and product accessing, and other features. With the ability to offer efficient, quality, confidential, and flexible delivery options for small batch orders,, Longsys will better meet the diverse storage needs and provide high-quality products and services for industry clients around the world.

(The overall effect picture of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park)

The construction of the Park began in 2017. Completed and officially put into use in 2019, Phase I of the project boasts a construction area of about 60,000 ㎡ and includes the storage chip technology engineering laboratory, test center, reliability laboratory, quality laboratory, a storage history museum, and living areas for engineers. With the roofing of the main structure of the Phase II project, Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park will further improve the R&D and testing, quality control, supply and delivery, and other storage service capabilities of Longsys to create a more modern storage service park.


(The Phase I Project of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park)

Mr. Cai Huabo, Chairman of Longsys, expressed his gratitude to all participating parties for their hard work and contributions. He praised the work units that participated in the project for their efforts to overcome construction challenges and achieve the important phased objective of completing the roof of the main structure while ensuring work safety and quality.

(Huabo Cai, Chairman and General Manager of Longsys)

After the brief speech, leaders and guests started the roofing procedure together, poured the last cubic meter of concrete, and witnessed the successful completion of the main structure’s roof.

(The pouring and roofing ceremony)

Longsys Zhongshan Storage Science Park is located in Ma’an Island, Cuiheng New Area, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, the exact geometric center of the Greater Bay Area. After the Shenzhen–Zhongshan Bridge is constructed, it will take a mere 20 minutes to drive from Shenzhen to Zhongshan. A growing number of Shenzhen engineers are choosing to settle down in Zhongshan, a city which offers superb location advantages and business environments. The park is currently home to more than 500 technical engineers.

(Shenzhen–Zhongshan Bridge)

The roofing ceremony marks the realization of a stage goal and a new starting point for the next development stage when the project’s blueprints will be transformed from into high-rise buildings. By expanding the existing testing capacity and improving technical supporting facilities, Longsys will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with partners, expand the scope of collaboration, and provide clients with more efficient and valuable services and support in the future.

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