Funcidy, Global and Mobile Theatre as Social Media

Every social media network exists to serve a purpose as the creator behind each network is willing to solve a problem. is another social platform you might have/not heard of that emerges to serve its own unique purposes. exists as mobile theater network with the features of all other social media platforms combined. It has TV (live streaming) plus Radio (24/7 music and shows) that will continuously captivate millions of users worldwide. While you go to other networks to entertain, is equipped with limitless entertainment 24/7.

We believe that single parents, lower class people, and busy individuals deserve a night out /movie Fridays. We also know that scheduling or being unable to avoid baby-sitters might prevent lots of people from going to the movies. Hence, we formulated and created embedded with TV to present movies every Friday for users to enjoy globally at free of charges.

To help independent filmmakers from different countries, we will be streaming new movies and films that are not available elsewhere and that are strictly available to funcidy users. In addition to Friday movies, users can also enjoy the on demand streams by clicking and visiting the movie page on We encourage independent filmmakers to submit their films through [email protected] so we can assign their films to the appropriate category.

We know the struggle of new talents and artists around the world. We also understand how hard it is to get on traditional radio to be added to rotation. Funcidy Radio is a global radio that plays all kinds of music with different shows. Aspiring singers, rappers, country singers, Afro singers, Reggae artists, Japanese or Chinese singers/rappers, Philippines artists, rock stars, and the likes should send their music for consideration to [email protected]

Sometimes you would feel like posting a voice status on your page and replying to comments with your audio voice. Guess what, has solved those desires for you. You can post audio status, comment with your voice and do whatever else you do on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and or LinkedIn. Funcidy (web app), and FunM (native app) is available for download only on (Android users) and (iOS users)

Funcidy is the only social media network that embraces each country’s national day like “Funcidy Philippines Day”, “Funcidy Nigerian Day”, “Funcidy American Day”, “Funcidy Chinese Day”, “Funcidy Japanese Day”, and much more. Funcidy also throws Miss/Mr. Funcidy contests yearly to keep the fun rolling with the winner entitle to his/her unique pro membership profile badge.

Funcidy is owned and operated by Entertainment Global Inc (E-Global Inc.) incorporated in the state of New York. In addition to, E-Global also serves as the parent company of – a video sharing platform as an alternative to YouTube, etc, – an official apps store of E-Global Inc and an alternative to play store, – a search engine as alternative to goggle – a reality tv network in conjunction to

For general inquiry contact at [email protected] media and/or advertisement reach us at [email protected]; and [email protected]

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