The Cards of Ethernity $5,000 Tournament Has Finally Arrived

The highly-anticipated Cards of Ethernity (CoE) tournament is finally here. In partnership with Fractal, Aether Games has launched a tournament where players have the chance to compete for a massive $5000 cash prize pool and claim exclusive event cards back and emotes. 
Cards of Ethernity is a collectible card game (CCG) set in the dark fantasy universe of Aether and can be found on Twitter and Discord. Players can use a variety of Adventurers, Creatures and Cards, each with their own unique mechanics, to craft powerful new strategies. A total of 150 collectible cards are available in the game for players to build, craft and explore.
Players must head to the CoE project page on Fractal to join the battle and click “Play Now.” From there, players must download the launcher from CoE’s official website and install the game. Once the game is installed, players must sign in with their Fractal Wallet to qualify for the tournament and the leaderboard. Only ranked matches will count for tournament progress, which will become unlocked after completing the tutorial section. 
The tournament began on the 24th of January and will be ending on the 24th of February, with players able to compete in unlimited matchups and be ranked on their MMR on the Fractal leaderboard. Players will be able to access other stats such as Rank, Top Adventurer & Pet and Win Ratio on CoE’s in-game leaderboard. 
As an advanced card strategy game, CoE has intricate mechanics which includes turn actions, Aether burning, match end conditions and more.
Before players queue in Ranked Mode, they must make sure to read through their deck and cards, as well as the “how to play” guide on CoE’s website. It is also recommended to thoroughly study the tutorial and spend as much time as needed to ace all the Ranked matches.
For more information go to the Cards of Ethernity website.
How to Play
Go to Cards of Ethernity’s download page and click “Download”
Download the Launcher, Install Cards of Ethernity, Sign In with Fractal to join the tournament
Please complete the tutorial and enter “Ranked Mode” to start participating in the tournament
The top 200 players on the Fractal leaderboard qualify for the cash prize pool. The distribution is as follows:
1st place: $1000
2nd place: $700
3rd place: $450
4-10th place: $150 / each
11-50th place: $20 / each
51-100th place: $10 / each
101–200th place: $5 / each
The payout will be in the form of USDT, sent to each player’s Fractal Wallet directly. All participating players will earn exclusive Fractal and Polygon emotes in CoE.

Media Contact
Company Name: Cards of Ethernity
Contact Person: Jens Peeters
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (724) 436-1591
Country: Belgium